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“We are changing the world with technology.”

Bill Gates says this famous line, and surely technology has changed our lifestyle and has brought drastic changes to our learning style. Now education is not confined to classrooms and lecture halls, but we can learn anywhere, anytime, at our convenience from the internet.

This revolutionary concept is called E-Learning, and it has changed the old school learning system and has made learning more convenient and fun. In the year 2019, the worldwide e-learning industry had an estimated worth of 144 Billion USD, and it has been growing rapidly since then.

The reasons why the E-learning market is growing so quickly, and people are shifting from the conventional learning system to the modern E-learning are its quality, diversity, and convenience. You can learn from the best teachers from any part of the world through E-learning platforms.

E-Learning for All:

Every age group can learn from the diverse world of E-learning. Want your kids to learn well at a tender age go for educational apps; you are a school student who needs assignment help, tutorial on E-learning platform can help you with assignments, you are a university student and are stressed about dissertation, you can a buy dissertation online from any website, you have grown old. Still, you want to read; EBooks can be your best friends.

We have made a carefully compiled list of the best educational apps for kids to build a strong learning foundation for them:

6 Enjoyable Yet Educational Apps:

1. Pizza Fraction:

Fractions are probably the most challenging part of the maths syllabus for some students, and some grownups still have problems understanding fractions. However, most people find fractions complicated because fractions are not taught with good examples in school, and we are more used to seeing the whole numbers in our everyday lives.

To give your kids a strong foundation for fractions, the visual method is the best to teach them, and the app: Pizza Fraction is perfect for that. As the name suggests, this app uses the classic pizza approach to explain fraction has different difficulty levels based on kids’ age group.

2. Todo Math:

Another educational app related to maths, as four out of every ten high school students, has described math as the most challenging subject because kids are not provided with good math basics. This app has won many awards over the years like Parent’s Choice Gold Awards, Best Design Award, etc.

This app has great visuals and has a 15-minute daily practice task so that your kid can learn something new every day. Along with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and counting, this app also has simple word problems and time-telling problems.

3. Khan Academy Kids:

Khan Academy has helped students from every part of the world by giving them help in assignments, quizzes, thesis, and dissertation research and providing the best academic writing services in the UK with video lectures on every topic. As a result, Khan Academy has changed the learning approach for schools, colleges, and universities.

Khan Academy has launched a separate app for kids to ensure that they receive a quality education in a fun and interactive way at an early age. This app is free and has two learning modes: An adaptive learning mode and an independent learning mode. In addition, there are five funny characters in Khan Academy Kid’s app that will soon become your kid’s academic best friends to make the learning process more interesting.

4. Vocabulary Spelling City:

Still, this app ensures that kids have a splendid vocabulary by teaching them engagingly and visually with games like Hang Mouse and Words Unscramble.

This app has built-in lists of words in it, and you can add a customized list of words in it. In addition, this app has 40+ activities for improving the vocabulary and spelling of kids. This app has won many awards for its design and performance.


This app is an all-rounder; rather than focusing on a particular area, this app gives kids an overall learning experience. 

This app has personalization options to fit your needs and has 1000+ activities to increase kids’ confidence, intelligence, and decision-making capabilities. As a result, HOMER has increased early learning scores by 74 percent.

6. LightBot: Code Hour:

Programming has undoubtedly become the most integral part of most educational systems. The youngest person who gave IBM’s AI Certification was just six years old, which means that programming is important and can be learned at a young age. This app is amazing for kids who want to learn about coding and computers.

LightBot is an incredible app that introduces kids to the world of programming in the most engaging way and teaches kids some important functions like overloading, recursion, Conditions, and Sequencing. This app is not based on a regular coding style that is typing lines of code and then seeing results on the console. Instead, this app is based on puzzles to make kids interested in programming.

Last Remarks:

They will apply the things that kids learn today in the future.

While some parents hand over their phones to their kids to play cartoons or games on them, smart parents install educational apps on their phones to learn something productive from them. 

Teaching kids is not an easy task, but these apps are great not only for teaching kids at home but also for teaching in educational institutes.,

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