Indian cuisine is one of the cuisines that are famous in all the corners of the world. This is the main reason that the Indian restaurant in Terrigal is one of the most visited restaurants in Australia. People love to try out distinctive dishes. Indian food is so diversified because there are a wide number of regions present in the huge geographical boundaries.

In this article, we are going to mention all those items which are liked by the people the most. These items are offered in each of the Indian restaurants in Sydney.


Samosa which is also known as the Triangular pastry is the best kind of Indian starter which are among the favourite items of not only the Indian but the people present in the different corners of the world. This triangular pastry includes the yummy filling of the mashed boiled potatoes, peas and cheese. These relish the taste buds when they are enjoyed with the tamarind chutney.


Chicken Tikka Masala

This is one of the best veg cuisines that does not present the best of the taste because it is cooked in the spicy gravy, Rather because it is greatly laced in the butter. The nice strips of the charcoal burning when seen on the cheese pleases you as much as its taste does.


Butter Chicken

Whenever the non-veg Indians go to the restaurants, their first choice is always and always Butter Chicken. It is a traditional dish that is cooked in Tandoor. The dish tastes awesome since boneless chicken is used which attains the nicest flavours and aroma after being cooked in the ingredient rich gravy.



Biryani can be veg and Non-veg. You might be curious to know why Indians like to cook it on every alternate day. It is because it is hassle-free. First of all, it requires the pieces of the chicken and the mutton to get marinated. After that, the marinated pieces are cooked along with the rice on slow flame for a few hours. It is the biggest secret for such a tasty Biryani. After that, to bring out more flavours, the rice is paired with the pre-cooked gravy and is then again allowed to cook for some time. Eventually, the rice comes out to be extremely moist and flavoursome.


Palak Paneer

I don’t think there might be any people who are not Palak Paneer. This dish is prepared by booking the slices of the cottage cheese in the gravy containing the following ingredients:

  • Spinach
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes


Dal Makhni

OMG! This is my personal favourite. It belongs to the North Indian region. It is believed to be a perfect substitute for butter chicken. The lentils are slowly cooked for a few hours with the tomato puree and butter in it. Once entirely cooked, it is drizzled with the cream so that the creamy texture can be obtained.

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