Indian curry

If you have an Indian friend just ask him or her, ‘How much do they like to have Indian curry?’ Indian curry is one of the best food options which is gaining attention in the entire world. The love for Indian curry knew no bounds and this is the reason, its demand has increased in the best Indian restaurant in Seattle. If you are going to try it for the first time, then you must be wondering what exactly it is and how you can have it. After reading this article, you will get a proper understanding of the curry and you can visit the best Indian restaurant in Kirkland to have the exceptional taste of Indian curry.

Different types of curries to try from

Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian you can try out the curry in both variations. The famous Indian curry is exceptional because of its thick, tangy, and spicy taste. The gravy contains different spices along with vegetables, chicken, or any type of meat. Usually, when you visit the Indian restaurant you will notice the Indian curry being listed in the main course and you can enjoy it with bread and rice.


What to eat your curry with?

Well! Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals, Indian curries are a great way to enjoy the taste. Here are some of the options which you can try it:

  • White Rice

White rice can be had with anything and these are served as steaming hot with curry of your own choice. You simply mix the curry with rice & by this you will get to enjoy the authentic taste of the spices & herbs.

  • Biryani

Biryani lovers are everywhere and even Seattle has seen the love for Biryani among the non-native Indians. In Biryani different spices are added along with onions and chunks of chicken & meat. With Biryani there can be the addition of potatoes and in case you want it to be non-vegetarian then you can have any sort of option in it. It’s the aromatic taste and the preparation of Biryani which makes it a different meal altogether.


Curry pairs perfect with Indian bread

If we talk about Indian bread, then there are all sorts of options that you can try out. Here are some of them mentioned for your understanding:

  • Parathas

One of the most loved savory Indian bread is rolled and then other ingredients are added which are flattened and circled then fried on the pan. With any choice of curry, you can enjoy it which makes it fulfilling also.

  • Naan

Naan is a leavened type of Indian bread that contains garlic, coriander, or any sort of option and these can be even enjoyed as a plain option. You can have it with cheese, butter, or stuff it with jaggery, nuts & spices.

  • Roti

If you want something simple yet fulfilling than whole wheat bread i.e. Indian roti is the perfect roti. It can be made with tandoor or on the Tawa (chapati or phulka).


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