B2b marketplaces have spread all over the world that are responsible for the exchange of commercial transactions among businesses. A wide range of suppliers is present for buying goods and services. Many countries hold global b2b exchanges such as China, USA, India and Hong Kong. The top global B2B exchanges are :

  1. eWorldTrade
  2. Alibaba
  3. Amazon
  4. Global sources
  5. IndiaMART
  6. Ali Express
  7. Made-In-China
  8. DHgate
  10. eBay




eWorldTrade is a B2B exchange based in America that has a wide variety of products placed within 40 categories and a user-friendly online portal. It is a subsidiary of Reckon Media LLC which is famous for being in the digital marketing industry for years. Connecting thousands of traders, it has reached 5 million users from all over the world. It also has Chatbots where you can e-chat. They are very responsive and have a highly professional attitude towards their clients.



Alibaba is a platform that promotes brands and companies that are authentic and can be trusted. The product list is very huge including clothes, furniture, crockery, gaming technology and much more. The best thing is that the cost of everything is affordable for many people. As it is a Chinese company, it is well known for its reasonable prices. Alibaba is famous for its User-friendly interface that has products and its description placed in a very attractive way.  It has received revenue of about 7.5 million and approximately has 35 million users. Russia, UK, Germany and China are the potential buyers of Alibaba. It has 160 million buyers and 60 billion sellers.



Amazon is the most famous B2B exchange that has products including every category from clothing, books, skincare, baby products, health, fitness, arranged in a way that the users don’t face problems in searching. The products are listed alphabetically from a-z. The site also uses filters to find the desired products while providing ease to the customers. It also provides overnight delivery and a free exchange policy. Amazon had reached 100 million subscribers worldwide and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it got a lot of traffic on its platform.

Global Sources

Global Sources

It is operated from Hong Kong and has 1.9 million international buyers. The user experience of the web portal is very good. It provides every product with details in a way that looks sorted and organized. The customer does not indulge in a hassle while finding products and adding them to the cart because of the advanced e-cart. The company is very professional and follows the trading rules and policies strictly. It ensures abiding by international standards.



India Mart

As the name implies IndiaMART is an Indian B2B Company that has 98 million buyers and 5.9 million suppliers. It was founded by Dinesh Agarwal and Brijesh Agarwal in 1996 and its headquarter is located in Noida. Many different brands work with them because they have policies that are easy to follow and flexible. The user experience is also very good that allows using filters to find the desired products easily. It has reached 10 million downloads and has a rating of 4.7 on Android.



It is owned by the Alibaba group and provides services to international buyers online. It was launched in 2010 and is based in China.  It is famous all over the world especially in Russia, where it is the most visited e-commerce website and it is considered the 10th most popular website in Brazil.  It is accessible in many languages that include Italian, dutch, German, French, English, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian and Turkish languages. There is no limit for buying, a customer can even buy a single item and checkout. It has strict policies when dealing with sellers as it asks them to share their documents for verification and authentication. Shipping usually takes a long time ranging from 30-60 days but it has a premium feature that delivers in 3-10 days.


Made In China

This company name implies a word commonly known to every one of us for its cheap pricing. It has a huge collection of gadgets and types of equipment at reasonable prices. The user experience is very good and a transaction can be completed in 3 steps only. Made-In-China has 6 million suppliers that are manufacturers, trade agents, retailers, wholesalers and SMEs. It also holds virtual exhibitions and other events like video streaming, celebration activities during festivals. A live chat option is also available for the users.



It is a Chinese platform that has many products available on wholesale and it holds offices in the UK and USA. It is mostly used in Asia due to the high demand for Chinese products. There are many products with a very wide range of sports, clothing, electronics, etc. There are 30 million products available and only certified products are available on the website.  English is used as the primary language on the website to provide ease to all international users. Moreover, it is available in Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, and French. It was able to survive through the COVID 10 pandemic and has 36.4 million registered buyers from 223 countries and 2.3 million suppliers.




It is a Korean e-commerce website that started in 1996. It is a B2B platform that provides online and offline services. It is a leading B2B platform and the only one to provide 4 million offers on its website. EC Plaza has 400000 members. EC plaza has high brand recognition all over the world.



It is based in San Jose, California and was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995. It has 117 million buyers and operates in 24 countries: Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Australia, USA and Canada. ebay has generated huge revenue from app downloading which is 442 million. The app provides a user-friendly experience with advanced features and algorithms. It only accepts sellers that are authentic.



The Global B2B platforms are continuously adopting advanced techniques and methods to revise their business and excel in this field. All the above-mentioned platforms offer a wide range of services and ensure customer satisfaction. They have successfully gained the trust of the customers.


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