There are a lot of construction companies that seemingly offer everything and deliver on the project but still don’t always have the best relationships with project owners. This could be due to a number of reasons, but the one that is most common is poor communication. You see construction isn’t the type of business where you can take communication for granted, it is an important aspect of the construction project.

No matter the industry you work in, collaboration would be expected, it plays an important part in construction process if the communication between collaborators isn’t strong you stand to lose significantly. At a job site it’s important that everyone is aware of everything that is going on, if there is a gap in communication it could result in a huge loss, costing thousands or even millions of dollars. Besides the potential loss that you can suffer there is also the possibility of the communication gap resulting in some sort of a safety hazard causing serious injury or loss of life.

If the clients are emotionally invested in the project it can lead to unnecessary complications. Not having open communication about the design and budget can further complicate the matter causing delays in the payment or even lawsuits.

Sometimes the project managers who have a ton of experience are still not entirely certain about how they should approach their team and the clients.

But there is no reason to Panic because there are a few different ways that you can overcome this communication gap between your team and have a good relationship with your clients and other contractors.

Build Credibility

When you are first meeting your client you should make sure to leave them with a good first impression, so they can trust you inexplicably. It’s a good idea to have a strong foundation built on mutual respect and trust so that the client would feel comfortable and confident about selecting your firm for the job. Making a good impression in the first meeting will make it easier for them to select your firm, make sure to tell them of any similar projects you have worked on so far and any other relevant jobs that you have pulled off. Explain the details of the projects to them and tell them how they are able to provide you with the insight you need to be able to pull of this job.

Communicate Effectively

Remember to communicate in a way that is understandable and doesn’t just fly over the heads of the potential clients. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away while talking about the business without realizing that the common people will not be able to understand the stuff that might be common knowledge among the workers. When you are discussing something with the clients make sure to be clear and concise and explain in a way that is easily understandable. It’s also incredibly rude to use your superior knowledge about the industry to make someone who could be a potential client so lost. Explaining everything to a potential client is important but you may as well do it in a way that is understandable and effective. If you notice yourself slipping and using difficult jargon try and cut yourself off or change directions and use a more understandable language.

Don’t Confuse the Client with Multiple Contacts

As a contractor you may have gotten used to the hierarchy in your firm, so you may not find it difficult to contact the right person whenever a job requires it, but for a client it isn’t so. The clients are so often frustrated because they aren’t sure exactly who to call for the particular issue they are facing. With so many parties involved it can get confusing really quickly, you need to make sure that your client doesn’t find the process too complicated.

The client shouldn’t have to think about whether to call the general contractor or the carpenter if there is a leak, or if he should be the one searching for a loader or excavator for sale. Give the client one contact that he can reach out to whenever something is needed instead of having the client contact different people for different reasons, that will only breed confusion.

Listen to What your Client Asks For

If you want to succeed in any business you need to be able to understand the needs of your clients, if you cannot listen to your clients you won’t be able to pull the job off smoothly. If you pay attention to what your client is asking for from the beginning you will not have to make many changes later on. You can prevent a lot of conflict simply by actively listening to your clients when they speak, try to ask questions and get a clear idea of what they need from the get go, this way you will have an easier time following up on the demands of the clients.

Set Some Rules of Engagement

When you are working in a professional setting you need some rules in place to ensure effective work and communication. Having established rules will not only ensure effective communication but will also set a standard as to how the client communications are to be handled. You need to establish communicate standards because all clients won’t have the same expectations in terms of communication.


It is essential that you remain transparent during the whole process of construction so there are no surprises towards the end. If the whole project is built and everyone is seemingly satisfied and it is then that you make the client aware of any additional purchases of equipment like loaders or excavators or any other expenses that you didn’t mention before it could make the whole thing take a bad turn for you and your business.

If there is one thing that needs to be highlighted during the whole construction process, it is the budgeting of the infrastructure being built.


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