10 best nightclubs in Amsterdam

10 best nightclubs in Amsterdam- to let your hair down and relax!!


Amsterdam is linked to iconic canals, centuries-old townhomes, cobblestone lanes and flower-adorned bridges. And among these things, it is also known to attract history buffs, luxury-minded travellers, couples seeking romance and much more. But after a long day when you are done travelling through the monuments, you can enjoy your nightlife in these clubs and relax. We have made a list of the 10 best nightclubs in Amsterdam for you to relax at. 

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Shelter Amsterdam – 10 best nightclubs in Amsterdam

If you like long hours of partying and can enjoy the heavy bass music at an eardrum-shattering volume, then you are welcome to come to this nightclub on your Amsterdam tour package. This underground nightclub is not for someone with a feeble heart; only strong-hearted people can last. It is located in the basement of A’dam Toren, which is a ferry away from centres across the IJ river. This club is popular among people who party hard to forget everything else and remember just that night.  

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The Cave Rock club – 10 best nightclubs in Amsterdam

If you like to groove to the rock genre beats all day long, then you can come to a nightclub and enjoy all you want. This nightclub is one of the most famous heavy metal nightclubs in the city. This club is best suited for you if you don’t like rude people around you; this club has a friendly feel to it. You don’t need to pay any charges for cover requests, and drinks are slightly expensive here, but those beers are worth it. Even though the bar is quite small, when compared to other bars, it is not limited to just beers; you can drink hard liquor as well. The music is played loud, and they hold tiny concerts once a week. 


Claire – 10 best nightclubs in Amsterdam

This nightclub is for those who want to ditch the fancy wear and enjoy to the fullest in casual wear. Claire started in 2016, and it is one of the best casual wear nightclubs. The location of the nightclub is nice too; it is located in the centre right next to Rembrandt square. Not many know about this bar, so those who don’t like crowds can visit the place. The club has rooms filled with colours and design; a lot more to look for others than drinks and music. 


De Marktkantine

This club is not appreciated enough, though the aura of this nightclub is not that bad. The balcony of the club is quite large, and it gives you a good view of the stage below. It was earlier a booth and theatre. You can still see the style of balconies and the seats of the theatre. The club began exclusive nights curated by DJ and producer,which has been shown every couple of months. 

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WesterUnie is quite simple when compared to other nightclubs on our list of 10 nightclubs in Amsterdam. It doesn’t have fancy things; it is a plain nightclub while other clubs spend money to make their interiors look styled; this club has more of a natural look. The place where this club was built was earlier a gas work factory called Westergasfabriek. As there is a lot of space available, you can expect a lot of concerts being held here, and an added pleasure, this place sells delicious food and drinks.



Doka has a story as every other great place has; it was opened temporarily when Volkshotel was redesigned. The spot became popular, and they made it permanent, and it now runs in the basement of this hotel. It opens only on weekends, and Doka is visited more by foreigners than by native people. The atmosphere of this club is friendly, so don’t be astonished if the bartender asks you to try a drink you have never tried before. And the entertainment here is performances by DJs.

10 best nightclubs in Amsterdam
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Club Érr

Every club has its different aspects, one you would like to marvel at. This club has party marathons and then after-parties, so basically, the party never stops at this place. And if you want to party for days at a stretch, then this is heaven for you. It sounds comical if someone says that you enter the club tonight and leave after a few days, but that’s how it is here; you can stay as long as you want. The club has kitchen bars, bedrooms if you get tired and washrooms. This is one of a kind club in Amsterdam, where everything is cheap, and there are no rules also. 



You can get enough of this club once you decide to go in and join the party. The venue has loud banging music playing, and there is a smoking underground place at this club, where parties just start randomly. This club is a perfect mix of art, music, and food to tantalise all your taste buds. You won’t get tired of Radio as this nightclub just doesn’t have DJ performances, but it also has art exhibitions, workshops and music screenings. 


Club NYX

If you want to crack drag and want special LGBTQ+ nights, this club has hundreds of guests that dance to its hip-hop and pop tunes on all of its three floors. It has a warm welcoming aura; this club doesn’t discriminate between people based on their sexuality and genders. The club is in a four-storey building and used to be a carriage house. It’s a great venue that is known after the Greek Goddess of night, daughter of Chaos. This club has a friendly atmosphere, great music, and a DJ in an open plain bathroom. 

10 best nightclubs in Amsterdam
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Studio 80

Are you in love with electronic music and want to dance to its beats? Studio 80 is the best place to visit for you to dance the night away. This club is more than just a spot to let your hair down; it is a place to learn; it aims to educate and support young aspiring people. This club gives internships, workshops, and seminars opportunities to people. You can learn the lessons and tricks to become a great DJ. 

This is the last of the 10 best nightclubs in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam is not all about tulips, canals, and the famous Red light district, but about many more things to do. There are a lot of things to do; you can enjoy the nightlife after you are done marvelling at the monuments. If you are up for an amazing vacation in Amsterdam, we hope you enjoy your Amsterdam tour. Have a great vacay!!!

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