What WordPress Theme Is That?

What WordPress Theme Is That? Are you searching for the WordPress Theme Checker Tool? You are in right place. Today we are discussing the best WordPress Theme Checker Tool.

WordPress is the best platform to build your blogging and business websites. WordPress is becoming very vast day by day. WordPress is very affordable and easy to use. There are tons of WordPress Themes and Plugins. The best part of using WordPress is you can be able to create your beautiful websites without coding. There are many premium themes and plugins available in Themeforest Marketplace.

Sometimes when people see the beautiful website, they want to check the website if the website is built with WordPress or not. And some people want to find the information about the themes and information on the respective sites.

How to Check What The WordPress Theme Is That?

So here we are listing the ways to check which theme is used in the respective website. We are showing you the tricks to easily detect What WordPress Theme is that website uses.

There are many tools from which you can easily detect the WordPress Themes and Plugins being used on the respective website.

Tools to Check What’s That WordPress Theme?

My favorite tool is WpThemeDetector.com. The method of detecting the themes is very simple. First input the URL and request for the detection. Then you will see the tool showing the themes and plugins. See the screenshots below:

You can also easily detect the WordPress Themes and Plugins by below sites:

You can also detect the Wordpress Theme with the Chrome Extensions. WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector is the best extension to detect WordPress themes and plugins.  Please check out the video below:

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