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What makes Instagram Cool?

Instagram is the fastest growing social network owned by American online social media in which we can upload photos and videos. Kevi system and mike krige developed Instagram for the first time in 2010. An app for android device is created that year and later app for window 10 is launched after the six years of its invention. By the end of 2019, there are more than 500 million active Instagram users.

It was reported that only 20% of the users are in the US. Its latest version is 38.14 MB in an android device. We can use Instagram by going to its official website i.e.

There are many things that make Instagram cool. It has the collections of billions of pics of billions of topics. Instead of google images, I prefer Instagram images. Instagram is best for the people to send the pics and notify the users about the screenshot being taken. Thus it is very useful especially for the people who are in love.

There is a news feed like on Facebook where anyone can post their feeling photos and their super cool video with a suitable caption. This makes anyone feel lie an artist and superstar. People have the habit of Instagram as they are the hunger of like. You can react a heart emoji to let them know about your love.

We can like and comment on the post of Instagram which we do on other social networks. It shows the number of people that you are following and that you followed. Being followed by more number of people on Instagram make you feel supreme. We can block the people whom we do not like.

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We can simply log in and can use Instagram. While log in it requires our email id or phone number and password. It strongly kept your passwords private. Thus others can not open your account. There is the least chance of hacking. Mostly Facebook and twitter id are being hacked but this problem can not be seen on Instagram.

There is no vulgar post and bad post om Instagram that harms the mind of the innocent child. This is one of the reasons why people quit facebook and joined Instagram.

These are the coolest thing that we can do on Instagram. Even there exist some like we can not upload a long video, Some of the people copy our photo and post in their account. There are many tricks by which anyone can see the photo and most of the private account, So the users may lose the secrecy.

Instagram, the coolest app is the best for chatting, uploading photos and videos and to spend our spare time. Nowadays every person is using Instagram so it becomes popular. This app is productive if we use this app for fruitful purposes.

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