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Top 5 Things To Do in Nepal

When a question like what are the things to do in Nepal, people have plenty of options to go with. Nepal offers all kinds of adventurous activities in almost every climate. So, here are the lists of things that people can do while vising Nepal or traveling in Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is the most famous and performed activity in Nepal. Trekkers can see the beautiful view of mountains along with the life-time trekking experience in Nepali village and forest. Panoramic view of the world’s tallest mountains from a close angle with opportunity to know people, culture, and their lifestyle are the goal of this activities. Beautiful sunrise view from the top-hills, pine,Oak and bamboo forest are another hightlight of trekking in Nepal.

Peak Climbing and Expedition

There are more than 30 peaks and mountain where climbers can reach to the summit all over the Nepal. After reaching on the top, climbers can see other minor and major peak around them with spectacular 360 view of the mountain. Extra fitness level, courage, and will power with good experience of walking over snow is recommended for climbers. Camping trek is possible for peak climbing so the climbers need to have a crew containing guide, Sherpa, porter, and chef.

City Tour

The famous cities in Nepal are famous not only because of being the business hub but have a lot to offer to the traveler. UNESCO heritage site, historical places, and religious destination can be visited in cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara. Caves, falls lakes and top-hills around pokhara offers the wide range of scenery, experience and panoramic view of the mountain. Lumbini, chitwan other famous city also attract people because of its beauty and history. It is the best option to know about the history of Modern Nepal.

Jungle Safari Tour

National Parks in Nepal allows visitor to drive around the forest where they can see the wild animal’s right next to their eyes. Sitting over the elephants or jeep and roaming around the national park allows tourist to know more about the national park along with flora, fauna, and animals inside it. The sounds birds make, the flow of the rivers, and appearance of rhino and other wild animals next to you is a life-time experience.

Mountain Flight

Another short experience which will last until your last breath is no other than the mountain flights around the Himalayas of Nepal. You can witness more than 30 mountains within an hour with the spectacular view of forest, and villages. Capturing all the beauty of the Himalayas in your memory and camara in this short interval of time will be the life-time experience. Watching the top of the mountain from the same level is the main goal of Mountain Flight.


There are plenty of option inside this list of the 5 things to do in Nepal. Numerous numbers of activities are available for tourist in Nepal. Don’t forget to learn more about all these things before coming to Nepal. Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Zip flying are other important activities in Nepal offering life-time experience.

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