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Tips to Naturally Whiten your Teeth at Home

Bright white teeth are the most noticeable accessory to your million-dollar smile. This is the reason why most of the toothpaste commercials focus on the most attractive models with brighter, whiter teeth to represent their brandings. Everyone wants a generous smile and this is the reason that you are here on this post so let me tell you, you are not alone!

It was estimated back in 2015 that Americans spend about $11 billion every year on teeth whitening including the $1.4 billion that is spent on in-house treatments.

These insights show how many people are craving to have white teeth because they are being embarrassed over their yellow appearances. If you are one of them then you are on the exact article you should be reading. Here we’ve mentioned the best natural DIY teeth whitening tips at home to help you achieve white teeth at home.

There are many in-house treatments that can provide you with pearly whites and make you feel confident. But before we get into those treatments, let’s discuss what goes into it.

What causes your teeth to turn yellow:

Your teeth could have turned yellow after losing their natural color or even brown or beige, due to various factors. Some of the main factors that take part in discoloring of teeth include:

1. Thin tooth enamel due to aging

Teeth turn yellow due to aging when the layer underneath the enamel, dentin, gets thinner naturally. Basically, the outer layer of the teeth consists of enamel, which gives the white color to the teeth and protects them. This turns yellow upon getting thinner which makes your teeth look yellow from outside also.

2. Food Stains Your Teeth

Some specific foods and beverages, like caffeinated drinks, processed foods, candies or sometimes even certain fruits like apples and berries, can stain your teeth. These foods stain your tooth enamel, increasing the yellowing. Other sources of stains include tobacco products, smoking, and some antibiotics as well that spoil your gorgeous smile.

3. Plaque Build up

Bacteria deposits are produced in your mouth when your saliva, food, and fluids get combined. It gets collected where the teeth and gums meet, forming the plaque on your teeth which makes your teeth look yellow. It becomes even worse when the food and beverages you take stain it in different colors.

If these bacteria deposits from the plaque on your teeth aren’t removed for a long time, they can cause gum diseasetooth decay, and tartar buildup which needs to be removed by professionals.

Another reason that makes your teeth look yellow could be grinding since it damages tooth enamel thus weakening it and leading to yellow teeth.

However, you can restore the natural color of your teeth using some simple yet productive home remedies. Here’s your guide to getting pearly whites that are sure to work great for you. Read on to explore.

5 At-Home teeth whiteners that work wonders

Pearly whites are the prettiest accessory to your smile. A lot of teeth whitening products are available in the market today that I do recommend (BURST whitening strips ) but still many people prefer to use home remedies to whiten their teeth.

So, here’s your go with the best tips to avoid expensive dental visits and get whiter teeth with fresh breath:

1. Stain Removing toothbrush

Using the best stain removing toothbrush could possibly maintain your oral hygiene with healthy teeth, gums, and tongue. I recommend the BURST sonic toothbrush since it has the safest charcoal bristles which turn them white and remove stains from your teeth and. There are a lot of great features of using this brush. You can check out my favorite toothbrush that whitens teeth in this BURST toothbrush review.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda has a lot of natural whitening properties, that’s why it is a famous ingredient in all commercial kinds of toothpaste. Toothbrushing and scrubbing with baking soda may help with stain removal and teeth whitening as well. Additionally, it creates an alkaline environment in your mouth that prevents bacterias from growing.

According to a study, toothpaste containing baking soda was significantly more effective at removing stains from teeth than the standard toothpaste without baking soda. I usually brush my teeth once in a while with baking soda to prevent yellow teeth.

3. Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal may help remove the surface stains on your teeth. It is negatively charged and binds to the positively charged plaque on the tooth surface and is absorbed by it, thereby whitening your tooth’s enamel. It’s a fine-grained black powder made from a variety of natural substances. You can find an array of dental products containing activated charcoal on every store shelves, from toothpaste to kits to remove the stains formed by tobacco or/and other foods. Make a paste of it and apply it on your teeth for a few minutes, then, rinse it off. But remember not to use the charcoal that is abrasive to your teeth.

4. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has bleaching properties that help in removing stains from your teeth and whitening them by killing the bacterias. Its diluted form can be used as a mouthwash. Swish it for around two minutes, then, rinse your mouth with plain water. But using it daily may cause your enamel to weaken, so, avoid applying it on a regular basis.

5. Use Strawberries

NOTE: As a dental hygienist, I do NOT recommend this method because I feel it could damage enamel. I only included it because you will read this on the internet.

Some of the celebrities have made the natural remedy of whitening your teeth with a strawberry and baking soda mixture popular. They claim that the baking soda will buff away stains, while, the malic acid found in strawberries will remove discoloration on your teeth. Strawberries help exfoliate your teeth and make them appear brighter. To use this home remedy, smash some fresh strawberries, combine them with baking soda, and brush that mixture onto your teeth.

Preventing Stains

Prevention is always a better approach. You must take proper steps to prevent such stains from appearing before they happen. While your teeth naturally yellow as you age and you can’t avoid that, some things can help prevent stains on your teeth. We understand your desire to keep your teeth pearly white hence showcasing some of the methods to prevent these stains.

  • Avoid foods and beverages that may stain your teeth like coffee, red wine, blueberries, soda, apples, potatoes, and beetroot.
  • Sip the beverages through a straw to limit the amount of time the beverage is in contact with your teeth.
  • Brush or rinse out your mouth twice a day or after every meal if possible and turn to your
  • Quit smoking or chewing tobacco, since both can cause the tooth discoloration.
  • Don’t overeat high-carb or sugary foods. In case you do eat them, limit your intake and brush your teeth immediately.
  • Use activated charcoal bristles toothbrush to brush your teeth regularly.
  • Get your teeth cleaned by a dentist every 6 months.
  • Bringing these changes to your lifestyle will prevent your teeth from yellowing for a long time.

Start Your DIY Journey Today

Worrying about not having sparkling teeth is really a big issue. It often becomes a confidence issue because people with yellow teeth feel less confident and aren’t even self-assured. You usually remain self-conscious about your smile when you’ve yellow teeth. But now you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg just to get whiter teeth. With our great in-house teeth whitening DIY treatments, you can get the gorgeous smile with brighter teeth at home for pennies that you’ve always wanted. All you need to do is just maintain proper oral health and your teeth will thank you!

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