Samsung Phone The Fifth Generation

Samsung phone the fifth generation  Samsung Electronics is testing and adjusting its range of leading phones next year in preparation for the launch of the first 5G V5 smartphone and launching the first model for a low-cost, high-end mobile phone to challenge Apple and remain advanced. The South Korean company based in Suwon, is in talks with Verizon Communications to launch its Galaxy S10 in the United States, which includes a wireless chip supporting the fifth generation networks.

The Samsung talking its competitors phones the fifth generation and foldable appeared first in the tech world. According to the information, the product’s are still under development. The talks aim to secure support from the United States’ largest mobile service provider for technology deployment, which is designed to transmit data ten times faster than the 4G networks currently in use. Samsung appears to have included a device Fingerprint sensor under the screen of the Galaxy S10, to overcome the challenges faced by many years in the production of such devices.

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The world largest maker of phones is expected to launch three versions of its flagship Galaxy S10, including a reasonably priced version to attract the most significant consumer group. While Samsung already has a range of cheaper Galaxy A phones, Apple is concerned about Chinese competitors such as Huawei, Shaoomi and Obo that continue to win customers by offering leading devices at lower prices.

Samsung also plans to complete the development of its collapsible device, which it hopes ‘s will dominate a niche market with growth potential. If you think about how Samsung can differentiate, said Cliff Maldonado, an analyst at BayStreet, San Francisco, It competes in this market, it can be in the hardware, this is their natural place, and their folding phone will serve as an important point of positioning and sporting brands.

The basic version of the Galaxy S10, codenamed “Beyond”, has a curved OLED display on both sides and rounded corners, with almost no edge at the top and bottom, and will be the same size as the current Galaxy S9 5.8 ” The lens and front camera are visible and positioned under the screen. Samsung is also planning to issue a larger “plus” version of the phone next year.

The lower-cost version of the Galaxy S10 lacks the curved screen on both sides, which has been a feature of Samsung’s leading phones since its launch of the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014, and this low-cost version may come without the built-in fingerprint sensor under the screen to minimize costs , Samsung is also working with a model of the Galaxy S10 without the headphone port, indicating that it may follow Apple’s steps in moving to the use of wireless headsets within its devices.

We are constantly developing our smartphone to offer our customers a new and exciting innovation’s and experiences, Samsung said in a statement. At this point, we have nothing to share about future devices. “The information indicates that the folding-screen device has the code name” Winner “and has been under development for years. Samsung is in discussions to adopt a model of two primary models, one longer horizontally and the other vertically taller the device.

According to the information, the folding screen does not contain a fingerprint sensor such as the Galaxy S10, because of the unique technical difficulties of its flexible displays, but it has an additional screen measuring 4 inches outside, allowing users to enjoy the basic features such as checking email and messages without having to open it, The screen begins in much the same way as old mobile phones like the Motorola Razr but with a smoother feeling.

The weighs more than 200 grams, because it has bigger screens than any other phone on the market, meaning Samsung may have to reduce the size of the battery to make the device lighter, and although the joints have undergone internal folding tests for more than 200,000 times, However, questions still revolve around the so-called rate of return in mass production. When a product is produced in large quantities, technical problems that do not exist in prototypes may arise.

Samsung and Google are working on developing a new special version on the Android operating system for this phone. The final user interface depends heavily on the two designs chosen, and Samsung may not be able to launch it commercially until the second quarter. Samsung needs to launch this phone in the next phase, especially as the S9 and Note 9 models are boring, the folding screen feature will be a boon to the company, but I do not expect the result Instant.

  • The pressure on the South Korean company to be the first to provide a foldable phone in the market, where competitors from Apple and Chinese manufacturers to buy quantities of adaptive,
  • The flexible screen produced by its subsidiary Samsung Display, however, the continuous development makes it unlikely to reveal Samsung unveiled a virtual folding phone model at the company’s
  • developer conference in San Francisco and a team of engineers is planning to accompany the head of the DJ Koh DJ Koh branch to the event to provide a detailed look at the phone and its features and user interface.

Next year will be a busy and challenging launch of the phones capabilities high within a series of the fifth generation;  to deal with some communications networks that are ready to provide the service, according to Bloomberg sources close to Samsung that the last preparations to launch the first phones with capabilities to the fifth generation, as well as phones foldable competing directly with Apple and other companies such as Huawei up.

The source also said that the company is in the midst of talks with the largest telecommunications company in the United States “Verizon”; in order to secure the launch of phone Galaxy S10 chip supports the fifth generation, where the American company to expand and increase the popularity of the technique across its network to be the situation in this area, which allows the transfer of data in tens of multiples of the fourth generation.

While the Korean company have the production line phones Galaxy A which is the line of productive and competitive to provide the
specification of the medium at low prices to compete with other phones, as well as for its quest to launch the phone screen flexible, fordable to box on the throne of the line of the new hip is vital in market share for the future.

The source also said that the company would issue three copies of the S10 will be one of them at an average of deal with capabilities a wide range of consumers, whose phone Samsung case taxi S10 main will be a flat AMBLED Grant City side at 5.8 inches,

the three rear cameras and a front camera located under the screen, and start the round corners of the free edges of the top and the bottom,  and there’s a copy plus the bigger screen as well as for the least price which will not contain the sensor fingerprint under the screen will be, but the curvature of the sides, while women would be but the headphone port will Android Bay according to the source.

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