Parkhai – The Debut For A New Era Of Rock Music In Nepal

For the last decade, the rock scene in Nepal has been starving for new innovative and bold undertakings. Audio ignition a group of musicians from Dhobighat Kathmandu have taken their first step towards realizing their dream of making the Rock genre as popular as it used to be in the old days. Parkhai their first album is reminiscent of British and American alternative rock with elements of funk.

Its songs are heavy with the feeling of nostalgia and a longing for a simpler time, and though it makes the listener long for it, it is not intended to mourn the past and instil a feeling of loss. The whole premise of the album resides in the idea of cyclicism, the belief that everything gets a return.

The importance of new beginnings and endings is an absolute truth for both life and Parkhai. Basanta Ritu opens the album on a high note, a bright incidence of energy and transformation. It sets the stage up for the oncoming arrangement ranging from the boisterous K ma and Farewell to the more sombre Ajhai Pani.

With its funky Good Friday, Samir dai plucks the bass in a perpetual rhythm compels feet to be tapped and hips to be moved. Good Friday practically has all the elements of a funky party rock anthem.

The title track is perhaps one of my personal favourites. I’ve been around the band for the past year while they finalized the song list and Parkhai was the one song that I immediately fell in love with. Everything in the song from its imagery to its change in tonality throughout its lifespan speaks volumes pun unintended. Perhaps its subject- an intense nostalgic recall- is what drew me so strongly to it or perhaps it’s the lift in the song which comes into the chorus all I know is that this is one of my personal favourites.

parkhai nepali song

Farewell ends the album like it began, with a bright explosion of flavourful tunes. A flirtatious opening to the song and a familiar call to revelry like in good Friday ensures that the album ends on a high note.

All in all Parkhai, and this is a personally held opinion, celebrates the passing of time, a willingness to make mistakes, learn from them and most important of all having fun making them.

In their very first album, Audio ignition has established itself as one of the artists who focus on the simplicity of their lyrics to evoke deep-seated emotions dwelling inside the listener.

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