How to use Daily Notes as a Planner?


Planning is the process of designing, creating, thinking something innovative about the activities required to achieve a desired goal.It is related with the creation and maintenance of a specified plan,for the better planning there must be some better research, study and test of the related subject.

For example if a business person establish a business without planning,vision and mission.The empire he designed to create his business will come to the end.


Daily notes is the a set of all the thoughts,actions, goals and even aspirations that comes in to a person mind eventually after the incident of something.It is not only related with only personal feelings also the daily travel activities, about the meeting of someone you admire or follow in your life.

Daily notes is also a record of all the income and expenses done the firm, organization in a daily basis to know the hoe the company is running on.

Nowadays, people are more concern on making a daily notes about the special events of a day to make their life a kind of different life from other people sorroundings with us.

How to use Daily Notes as a Planner?

A planner must be stay clam, sane, organized and well known what is absolutely going to do. Organise a planning notes with you nd don’t forget to take your planning paper with you every time. You can write about the activities or incident in your break time whatever you want to write.

Some steps must be followed before preparing a planner notes.

1. Create a regular planning session

Every morning you should take 5 to 10 minutes to go over your tasks for the next day.It clears or refresh your mind what needs to be done, making it less likely for you to forget about activities.

2.Design a regular weekly planning session

On the starting of the week,such as Sunday evening, take a few minutes to design plans for the week ahead note down all the activities whatever you have done evey day ina week.Try to revise all the days plan if possible which makes you more refresh what your are actually targeting on.

3.Monthly Session

Every planner has designed a monthly spread work. I prefer designs that place it at the start of each month, although some planners put all the month spreads at the beginning. This is where you should jot down all the things that won’t change holidays,anniversaries, birthdays, due dates for bills, etc.

4.create your steps concrete

Write all of the full sentences with verbs to clarify what you need to do.

5.Single planner must be used for all

It is one of the easiest way to keep it all in one place, so you don’t have to consult multiple planners or calendars. Try color-coding business and personal tasks for better separation, such as a blue pen for anything relating to work.

A individual daily can maintain a planner by the following;

1.Try to set up a big goal for a each day.

Always start your day with a positive vibes with one big goal.This will set you to do the concern plan you are dreaming of and always make sure that everything you’re doing is in line with that designed goal and One day you might decide your goal is to be healthier.

2.Create a comfortable note or a diary for yourself.

A note or a diary is a paper where you going to write all your plans goals and mission or n everything you can think of that you have to do.A planner must limit your all the destraction to make the goal more clear.

3.GO inside your thought process to know action plan and organise you outcomes.

Once when you step up and had already written your dos in coming time,so it is the important time to create a action plan immediately.Always label your outcomes and your action plan clearly.

4.Move with your own personal plan together.

As you have already started donot stop on the regular act.You can also mention down your expenses, meals, shopping list. You can also prepare a note of treats, appointments,and rewards you deserve after working so hard.


As you follow the above mention ideas you may be somehow more realistic in your own life.You may also get your vision what actually you are doing in your own life.

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