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How to secure your password?

Securing a password has been one of the most important things in the present world. If you are unknown about the fact that the weak password is easily cracked by hackers, you should be more careful about securing your password. It has been almost thirty-five years that we are using internet facilities, which is the initial report from the research.

As long as we are using internet facilities we still have not about the different online making passwords. It is more important to make a strong and secure password from the online.

As the study of the different security by the different researcher around the world the most commonly used password use by the different user in their social sites are ‘password, 12345,abcd, etc. The fact that it is very easy to remember and also it is a very easy thing that makes it very easy to hack the social or any kind of account by the solid hackers. The most important thing is to know that people or the users are commonly using very short password as well as a random password in all the social sites preferred by the users.

The use of the multiple passwords in those of the multiple accounts which comes from the research of the researcher. The report says that 92 percent of the users do this which definitely puts our account risk and leads to hacking.

How we can secure our Password?

Some of the facts should be followed for the strong password and security of personal information. Securing a password has been not a big deal only you should follow some tips and simply you will be under the safe and secureness.

Avoid using your personal life information

Most commonly people are using their own information as a password in their social media or other sites on the internet. Our information can be easily discovered likewise your school names, birth dates, anniversary, address, city of birth, your pet names, your neighbor house number and so on. So don’t even try to use such information which makes your security password easier to guess and crack.

The use of the different symbols, uppercase, lowercase, numbers

Always try to use different kinds of uppercase lower case in the password. Use of the numbers, symbols inside every password you use. Likewise, if you are using a password phrase always capitalized the first one letter of each new word and will definitely make easier to remember.

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Try to make long Password

Making of long password makes it more secure than using a short password even hackers are searching for a weak password.

Hackers use multiple methods for trying to get into your accounts. You can personally get targeted by manually type in letters, numbers, and symbols to guess your password. The more advanced method is to use what is known as a “brute force attack.” In this technique, a computer program runs through every possible combination of letters, numbers, and symbols as fast as possible to crack your password. The longer and more complex your password is, the longer this process takes. Passwords that are three characters long take less than a second to crack.

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