How to Manage your Secure Notes?

Have you ever tried to hide anything personal from anyone?
Have you ever wished not to share your information around the people?
Wish like never ever your family members found out your stuffs?

To tell you the truth I am an Introvert type of person since my childhood. I like to hold my feelings, stuff anything related to me personal. I ain’t bother sharing with anyone so goes to my family. Why should I share, I have my own ideas,plans, ways than why bother others? Well it is not only about Introvert but for many reasons people like to hide their stuffs, information that they want to share.

Our mind act differently we can’t hold anything for a long term, our memories works that way. Everyday tiny things were happening around us that makes us special and you want to captivate those memories but as time runs we can’t keep them forever. So to collect such memories, stories, moments we used to write journal, notes, memos, notepad and online persons latest choice online notepad.

We used to collect and record such stuffs but sometimes you want to keep them safe and secret for a time being. So on this blog I am going to share some ideas and tricks so that you can secure your notes from anyone especially for web users.
1. You can use vault where you can save your secure notes.
2. Use a strong password and different for all services.
3. Don’t ever try to write password on your notes.
4. Do not share password between people or system.
5. Do not keep list in unprotected documents on your laptop.

If you can’t find secure online notepad than you can use different software tools that makes not only your note safe but help to protect your laptop too.

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