How to Convert Word file into PDF?

If you have a desktop or laptop mostly we do our work mostly on word documents. Well if it was for proposal, assignments, lectures and soon but sometimes we need it to converts in pdf format. Because pdf file are smaller in size and can be access from your mobile or tablets phones.

Advantages of PDF format

1. The format is universal: PDF format is used by worldwide and mark it as a safe tool for sharing with the peoples.
2. Well-maintained Documents: Compare to word documents it is quite long and difficult while transfer those documents and take time too. But pdf file are small in size make it easier to share and for printing purposes too pdf files are convenient.
3. Small size compare to others formats: It is popular because it can make high quality files to relatively small sizes. It will help to save your hard drive, spaces if you have storage problems. 4. Work on any operating system: The pdf version works on any system. It works perfectly on your desktop and laptop as well as to ease your access it perfectly work on your mobile like ios or android. 5. File can be protected by password: If your files are sensitive so you want to keep an eyes over those documents then you can easily encrypt it through passwords.

PDF Format has many advantages and can be useful for a long times. Perfect until your investment returned to your company. It has both features of editing or only viewing so your files would be safe and secure.

Well this are some of the basic of PDF but if you are using word and want it to convert on PDF version then it is simple just you have to follow my instruction below;

If you have Desktop Version it is simple and easy to convert from the words itself.
1. Just open the file you want to convert and click the “File” tab
2. Then go to “Save as” from the list and select where you want to save that file.
3. Now click the downdrop arrow on the right side, there is save up options and choose (*.pdf)’ from that menu.
4. After that add file name and click to Save button.

When you return to your word documents now the PDF viewer will open as default.

If you don’t have microsoft word then you have others options too: Google Drive

You can create google documents and convert it to PDF format . The documents is simple and easy if you have google accounts.

Conversion website

You can get many online websites to convert your documents to pdf format. It is a safe time and fast too. It is completely free and you can convert multiple documents at a same time. LibreOffice

It is a free open source office apps which offers you a similar features as Microsoft. All you need to do is follow the same instruction as above and convert it to the pdf format.

That’s all for today, hope this instruction will help you a lot.

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