how to prepare upsc exam

How should beginners prepare for the UPSC exam?

If you are planning to write the UPSC exam next year or soon, this article will help you with some very effective tips to prepare for the examination.

The UPSC exam is one of the toughest exam, which a candidate has to crack to get a job in the Indian Administration. There is no shortcut to clear the UPSC exam. Candidates who are hardworking and know the proper strategy about how to approach the vast syllabus of the UPSC exam can clear the exam. The freshers always find difficulty in understanding how to start their UPSC preparation, here are some tips for them.

Limit your resources: Beginners need to understand that they don’t need to read every book ever written about the subject. It is always good to start with NCERT books. For UPSC students, reading NCERT is a must. Only after the candidate has finished reading NCERT, he or she starts reading reference books. Thoroughly read the NCERTs from class 6-12 to have a solid grip on the topics.

They shouldn’t burden themselves by reading too many reference books, just one or two for each subject.

Studying from too many sources will confuse you, take extra hours, and will deviate you from the actual point. Keep a maximum of two reference books for each subject apart from the-most NCERT books.

Enroll in IAS coaching: The best way to prepare for the UPSC exam for freshers is by taking admission in the best IAS coaching in Delhi. The benefits of joining IAS coaching in the early stage of the UPSC preparation are as follow:

  • You won’t be confused and puzzled after going through the vast syllabus.
  • You will get all the important updates about the UPSC exam.
  • Experts and professionals will take the session.
  • You can also enroll in online coaching, which is cheaper than the regular class and provides almost every facility.
  • You get unlimited test series and sample papers to practice. Also, you get feedback from the experts.
  • The best IAS coaching in Delhi provides scholarships to needy candidates.

Make a study plan with a solid strategy: Without proper strategy or plan is really tough to execute something. So, to crack India’s toughest exam, you must have a unique strategy and different study plan. Many of the UPSC coaching institutes provide their students with some valuable tips and tricks to prepare their strategies and plans.

The syllabus of the UPSC is vast and broad. It is impossible for any student to cover all the topics without a proper plan. If a student doesn’t have a plan then he will surely miss out on something or will fail to cover the entire syllabus properly. The best way to cover the entire syllabus of each subject of the UPSC exam is by allowing duration and deadlines. When you allow time to complete the subjects, you work according to a plan and then there is a little change of mismanagement.

You have to understand the value of time and the vital role it plays in the preparation as well as in the UPSC examination. So, make a point not to waste it and meet the deadlines you have created for yourselves. In the best IAS coaching in Delhi, speed checker facility is available for the students. They can check the total time they take to compete on test series and improve every day.

Sum up

Candidates who are preparing for the UPSC exam must understand one thing that clearing the UPSC exam is not a one-day thing. They need to be patient throughout the preparation process and even after the UPSC exam. There are times when candidates are discouraged and feel low, in such times try listening to speeches of IAS officers and their struggles during the preparation, this helps.

Some candidates will succeed in their first attempt, some won’t but that doesn’t mean one candidate is better than the other. The only difference is in the way they strategize everything and how well they execute their plans. So, try to implement your plans in the best way possible and never deviate from it. If you are skipping study for a day or two, make sure to cover up the missed chapters by studying extra hours in future. All the best!

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