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How do I post a video on Instagram?

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Instagram is an amazing app that provides the user’s facilities of sharing the videos and photos among their followers around the world. The facilities of this app have made the world in the one hand to connect easily from one part one world to another. Instagram features are so amazing to use as it provides the facilities of editing your photos and videos in different styles you want.

Some of the rules you need to follow before uploading any kinds of videos on the Instagram account they are as point out below:

  • The maximum file limit of the video you want to post must be 100 MB.
  • The next thing we need to do is that our playback length should be capped at the range of 60 seconds.
  • The maximum dimensions of the user’s video should be in 1080p or maybe less than it.
  • The next step before uploading the landscape aspect ratio should be 1:91:1.
  • The frame rate we should fix for our uploading video is 30 FPS or less than this.
  • Then make the square aspects ratio should be 1:1.
  • The required format of the video should be 3,500 kbps video bitrate, H.264 codec, and ACC audio.
  • The vertical aspects ratio of the video you want to upload should be 4:5.

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How do I exactly upload photos on Instagram?

Uploading the video on Instagram was not that much easy in some time before. When Instagram became able to launch its first video with their followers in 2013.As we have already mention users have minimum seconds to upload the piece of the video on Instagram as they live record on the mobile phone. Now users of Instagram has more options to upload their video files.

There is some system of recording the video directly into the apps or post the form your own camera of the mobile feature. Instagram ha the most amazing feature you will ever get in other social networking sites in the social world. It is being provided the system or the features and ability to trim the video clips as you wanted to, combine the multiple types of videos in one place, add different filters features, edit the videos and many more whatever you want.In the following, we have mentioned the methods of uploading the video on Instagram very properly.

  • First, you have to record the video properly through the help of Instagram features and need to post it right away.
  • For the next process, you can also record the video on your mobile devices and can also post it later as you want to do.
  • Also, post the different types of pre-recorded video files from the saved gallery of the mobile phone.
  • Now you can create and post a video with the help of amazing features provided by Instagram to their users i.e Boomerang.
  • After all you can record the video in the stories as you like for the Instagram stories.

The above is the easiest technique to post your liked video on the social networking site Instagram or it can be called a fairly simple technique. The video like uploading a pre-recorded video file is a bit more challenging than the other one.

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