Online Character Counter Tool



What is the Character Count Tool?

Character count tool is an online tool that counts the number of characters in a given set of texts. The characters include white spaces, commas, alphabets, and any other symbols. It is a free web tool and is as easy as any tool can get. Any user with a slight knowledge of computers, who can type and read can type in a set of texts and the character is counted in real-time, instantly.

character count screenshot

How does Character Count Tool work?

The character count tool is one of the easiest tools you can find on the internet for counting the characters. The steps to use this tool are: Open the website, where you are taken directly to the tool, ready to be used. You can type in the texts you want to get counted or you can copy or paste the text from any other text editor as well. The characters are counted instantly after you’ve entered the text. You can copy the text after you are finished as well. That is all you have to do to count unlimited texts, copy and paste and you will get your result in seconds.

Features of the online character count tool

There are various reasons why most of the enterprises are coming online rather than operating offline. Bringing tools like character count tool that can be used a thousand times a day by a single person online has various advantages. The key features of the online character count tool are as follows: It is a free web tool It can be accessed from anywhere It is familiar to internet users It can be used from almost any devices used in a day to day basis There is no limitation of the number of characters The character count can be done in just one click

Advantages of this tool

As I have already mentioned the features of online character count tool that makes it more useful than offline character count tools. Some of the advantages of the Character Count Tool are as follows: It is a free web tool It is extremely easy to use You do not require login information to use this tool Easy accessibility User-friendly user interface Character is counted instantly

Disadvantages of this tool

Along with all the advantages, it is, however, also followed by a few disadvantages. The disadvantage of using this tool are as follows: You need to have an internet connection to use the tool Once you reload the page, the texts are automatically removed Taking a closer look at both aspects, the advantages are much useful to not use the tool. Just like a coin has both the heads and tails, this web application also has two sides.

What are the supported devices?

This web application is supported in every device you want to use. You can use the character count tool in your smartphone, tablet, laptops, desktop, and any other PDA devices. This tool is extremely responsive irrespective of the device used to access it.

Does this cost money?

The character count tool is a free web application that can be accessed from anywhere, by anyone, using any device. You just need to go to the URL:

Does it require login information?

You do not need to login to use this tool. You can go to the URL: It is free and easy to use the tool, that does not require any log in information even if you are using it for a thousand times.

Can I secure it with my password?

Password has not been added in this web tool at the current scenario. It was developed to provide the character count facility to anyone who would want to use it. Hence, it is a password-free web application.

Is there any word limit?

The number of words, characters, sentence, or paragraphs are set to unlimited in this web application. You can enter as many characters as you like, the efficiency of the web application is unchanged.

Can the text be downloaded into the physical device?

No, the downloading facility is not available right now. However, you can copy the text that you’ve entered, but can not download it.