Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg has said he was shocked when Yahoo offered him 1 billion to buy Facebook.

A book released on Tuesday in the name of the giant social networking company Facebook states that it was unhappy about what to do with the sudden 1 billion offer from Yahoo.

At the time, even Facebook board members suggested that Zuckerberg accept Yahoo’s offer and move on.

“The board member suggested that he could do whatever he wanted with the money Yahoo gave him,” said the book, An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook Battle for Domination, written by journalist Sheera Frankel and Cecilia Kang.

A month after Yahoo’s offer, Zuckerberg told board members and Venture Capital that he was confused about what to do with the money.

Not only that, if he accepts the offer of Yahoo, he has also made an internal plan to bring a new social network like Facebook.

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