YouTube Shorts, a platform for creating and sharing short videos as a competitor to Tiktok, has launched in the United States.

The beta program of the Shorts will be expanded in the United States from Thursday to the next few weeks, according to YouTube.

Earlier, YouTube’s Tiktok Shorts has been tested in India. Although users around the world can now view the content of this platform, users other than India and the United States cannot create and post videos on it.

According to YouTube, users can capture short and compelling videos on their Shorts from their mobile phones. The Shorts allows users to combine video clips, play music, and record videos with hands-free timer and countdown. That is, all the features currently available on Tiktok are available on the Shorts.

On Thursday, YouTube unveiled new tools on the Shorts. From which the user will be able to extract the audio from the various videos on the Shorts and remix it to the video he has prepared. Also, letters can be written in the middle of such videos that you have created.

Despite the popularity of Tiktok, a trade war between the US and China has raised questions about the future of Tiktok in the United States.

Instagram has launched a ticket-sharing platform reels like Ticket in the US and other countries, while Snapchat has launched a spotline feature. Reddit bought another US competitor, Dobsmas, last year.

According to Todd Shamryan, head of YouTube Shorts, the company is trying to overcome the obstacles in creation. This will help the new generation of talents to find an audience.

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