The traditional practice of entering a store and waiting in long lines these days has become bitter for shoppers. About 35 % of people in the Pakistan  said their online shopping frequency increased during the COVID-19 ban. By creating e-commerce websites for your business, you can help customers shop online from remote locations at their convenience.


What’s more, e-commerce platforms will lower your operating costs for rent, hardware, maintenance, etc. All you have to pay for is e-commerce website development (lifespan), domain name and hosting (annually), which is relatively low.

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce platforms have no closure time limits even during natural disasters, pandemics, and other crises.

If you want to know more about the benefits of choosing WordPress to customize your ecommerce website, then this blog is for you. We’ve broken down the powerful features that shape WordPress as a definite solution for setting up your ecommerce store.

Why should you choose WordPress to build your ecommerce store?

WordPress is the most popular and user-friendly CMS. Over 35% of the websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress.

Cost effective

By choosing WordPress, you can create an online presence for your small or large store. Fortunately By choosing WordPress, you can create an online presence for your small or large store y, WordPress is open source and can be used for free to customize your ecommerce store.


Since WordPress offers easy-to-use features, you can easily find web specialists who can work with WordPress Development Service in Lahore. Perhaps you are busy with your main activity. At times like these, you can just relax by handing over your online store activities to a specialized e-commerce website builder.

With just a few clicks, WordPress developers will easily turn your website into an e-commerce site.

Ease of use

WordPress is a system that effectively manages the content of your e-commerce website. This means you can use it to create your website, add designs, and edit and update your content. Uploading a message is as easy as clicking “new message” and then entering content in the field, and editing existing content is also a simple process.


First, setting up an ecommerce store via WordPress is the easiest and easiest way to launch your own store. Now you don’t have to build your own store from scratch (which will be known as an e-commerce specialty store), but neither will you be limited to having an external store, which means that your store is part of another website that you just link to.

Plugin repertoire

WordPress has a distinct advantage: you can easily update your ecommerce site using powerful plugins. There are other ecommerce plugins out there, including WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart, Easy Digital Downloads, etc.


One of the most famous examples of WordPress eCommerce plugins is WooCommerce. In fact, it powers about 42% of all e-commerce sites on the Internet. It has over 75 million downloads and over 5 million active installations.

If you are looking for ecommerce website builders to update your site, you will find that almost all of them are familiar with WooCommerce. As you can see, choosing a platform like WooCommerce has many benefits and will simply make your e-commerce development easier, simpler, and more reliable – all you should be aiming for as a business.


If you like developing plugins for your ecommerce business, choose WordPress plugin development. Experienced plugin developers provide exceptional plugin customization and development services to suit all your business requirements.

Awesome ecommerce themes

Themes play a vital role in defining the style, layout, menus, sidebar placement, and more of your ecommerce website. Beautiful themes can make your e-commerce site more attractive to your visitors. Hence, you should pay close attention to choosing the best theme.


WordPress themes have all the features for an e-commerce website and provide many customization options, a fully responsive design, and a user-friendly interface. Astra, Webify, Kalium and many other themes are available in it that can be used exclusively for e-commerce websites.

If you have ideas for creating a more personalized theme that best reflects your business, you can choose to design your own theme, where you can create themes as you see fit. We’ve also rounded up the best ideas and ideas for ecommerce website design, take a look to find out more.


High level security

Apart from the rest of the websites, an e-commerce website requires a comprehensive security solution. This is because online stores contain customer credentials, billing information, and other sensitive information. Unsafe e-commerce sites can ruin your reputation and trust among your customers.

The WordPress security team has over 50 security researchers to keep users safe. The WordPress community team regularly releases major and minor security updates. Each updated version of WordPress provides better protection against malicious threats.


In addition, by integrating plugins such as Updraft Plus, Duplicator, Activity Log, you can back up your data for recording. Free tools like Wordfence Security and Sucuri Security ensure that your site is secure enough.

Overall, its provides a solid security solution for your ecommerce website. By making the best use of WordPress CMS, you can protect your users’ data and provide a better user experience.

How to Organize and Rate Your Ecommerce Store for Maximum Sales

Customized solutions

The usual look and feel of a WordPress ecommerce website will include a large header with navigation, a sidebar full of widget content, and a blog template.


Since WordPress is a developer-friendly platform, you can create your own designs according to your requirements. It provides the best options for customizing design, appearance, layout, and more.

Plus, its eCommerce has custom widgets. By displaying an attractive, customizable shopping cart widget, you have a better chance of converting your website visits into sales.

Shopping baskets, categories, groups, price ranges, latest products, special offers, donations and other sections can be easily customized to appear on your e-commerce website.

If you want to create custom WordPress websites for your ecommerce business, take the help of our dedicated WordPress web developers. Leveraging the power of WordPress CMS, we provide exceptional WordPress development solutions.

Successful ecommerce brands using WordPress

With WordPress, you can give your online store a professional look. Surprisingly, many well-known brands rely on iyand not other platforms.

In fact, there are many websites built using it exclusively with e-commerce features. Here, we’ve rounded up a handful of ecommerce brands built using WordPress.

  • Quero, a handmade shoe shop
  • Root Science, an organic beauty products company
  • Adoboloco, a sauce company
  • Porter & York, grocery store
  • Roberto Coin, jewelry store

These websites use WordPress to enable their customers to buy products and make payments from a remote location without going to a physical store.

Final thoughts

As a popular CMS, WordPress offers the best solution you need to create a commercial online store.

It has high level security systems, thousands of plugins, well thought out themes, API integration capabilities, and more. If you have plans to create an e-commerce website for your business, then choosing WordPress would be a wise decision.

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