Video Not Upload to Instagram

There is no second opinion about the fact that video is arguably one of the most engaging formats when it comes to posts on Instagram. This is why you can see an influx of videos on what was previously known as a photo sharing app. They can be regular posts, or elements of Stories, or maybe new uploads to IGTV, you will find people uploading all kinds of videos to Instagram through their app. 


However, things might not go smoothly every time you upload a video. There is a possibility that you may attempt to upload a video and you may have to face an error like “There was an issue importing your video. Please try again”. However, this is the best case scenario. Many times, the phone simply gets stuck and you are left with nothing except a hanged phone screen. However, as with other things, there must be a root cause  for this as well. 


Following are some of the reasons for this problem.


1: Make sure the connection is strong:

One of the many probable reasons as to why you won’t be able to successfully upload a video to Instagram are network issues. Network issues are very prevalent. However, there is a possibility that you might not be able to detect them at the earliest.


When it comes to mobile internet, it is a very unreliable thing. One moment, you might be enjoying it at the top speed, and the very next moment, you are left with nothing but a minimal internet speed of about 50kb/s.


Over the years, mobile app design has gone through several changes. Same goes for mobile infrastructure design. Due to this, apps and connections appear stable even in situations when they are not. Situations like small connection drops, instability of connections, and moving from one source to another are somehow dealt with by automatic retries, buffering, and other techniques. IN order to fix this issue, please Make sure that the connection you are using is one of the strongest.  In most cases, WIFI takes precedence over cellular data. However, you should always go for the ones which are strongest. If WIFI is stronger, then that’s fine. However if it’s not, always switch to cellular data. You can always try disabling and re-enabling it. This will more likely solve the problem.


2: Make sure your video meets the Instagram’s community standard:

When it comes to community standards, Instagram at times can give you a hard time. Instagram has a very limited range of formats, sizes. Also, when it comes to technical specifications for videos you also do not have much of a choice either. However, the community standards are designed so that it is compatible with what most phones can record naturally. However, it is also true that  not all phones work the same way. And this can exactly be why your video is stuck while uploading. Make sure that the format your video is recorded is compatible with Instagram’s video requirements. 

While recording things, make sure of the following things.

  • Make sure that video files are mp4 encoded. This should be done by using H.264 video encoder and the AAC audio codec.
  • Your video should be recorded at 30FPS. This is because at the moment, Instagram doesn’t support 60FPS when it comes to video posts and stories. Any video which precedes 30 FPS will eventually be downscaled.
  • Make sure that your video bitrate is 3500 kbps. You can try encoding at a lower bitrate, however the video quality will be compromised. 


3: Make sure your account is not restricted or blocked:

Another reason for a failed video upload is the possibility of your account getting restricted or blocked. In a situation where the video has been blocked, you will not see any kind of notification for it. You repeated attempts to upload the video will fail, however, the app won’t tell you

What you need to know is the fact that these videos are flagged via automated system. What makes it more worse is the fact that the app does not want you to know about it just so that you do not take any counter measures. 


However, you must realize that the problem might be coming from your end. There are videos which contain pornography nudity, copyrights infringement etc., such videos are unwanted on the app. However, since the process is automated, there can be a margin of error as well. In order to avoid getting banned, make sure of the following.


  • Try not to mass unfollow and follow.
  • Post content by keeping a balance. Try not to post too frequently.
  • Make sure the content you post does not violates Instagram’s community standards.
  • If your account gets reported frequently, this can also lead you to your account getting flagged.


Final Words:

When your content gets flagged, it is probably one of the worst moments. However, you can avoid such situations by following the aforementioned tips.

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