custom printed shipping boxes

Making custom printed shipping boxes a part of your branding elevates the brand appeal. Customers stop and take a serious interest in the brand that offers reliability and style rolled into one.

Electronics are sensitive items; they need robust marketing processes to stick out in the competitive marketplace on top of the exclusive box quality. Brands add them to their advertisement routines to make a convincing brand projection that is hard to ignore. It is one of the main 4 Ps of marketing. Electronic items specifically, can’t do without professional shipping packaging to keep them damage-free during transit.

Advertising is generally very expensive and eats up considerable annual budgets. With so many electronics brands moving online, brand promotions must also contribute to cost-savings. Shipping boxes not only capture more customer attention but they successfully convert the marketing vibes into a tangible form. Customers can’t help but notice engaging shipping boxes and rate the brand better when it comes to online reviews.

With this article, we aim to simplify why customized shipping units work in favor of branding and expands the reach to the desired customer base. Let’s go!

One: Improve unboxing experience

No matter where you live, every one of us can admit to viewing unboxing videos whether to decide upon purchases or to simply enjoy the vlogs.

Over years, branding has taken new directions and routes. The unboxing experience is one such addition that specifically caters to the e-commerce market. Shipping is now one of the most used distribution channels around the globe. The recent virus hit has further imposed the importance and reliance on e-commerce. It is a chance to improve customer inflows by using packaging as a device.

Customers, when pleased with the shipping boxes, advertise the brand on their YouTube channel. It prompts other potential buyers to make a purchase. Electronic items are unique, for they are as functional as the boxes. buyers prefer to use electronics that look premium and work as shown. Strong and engaging boxes make it happen better than expensive billboard promotions. Customized boxes are printed with unique texts, designs, and branding elements that make the shopping process highly worthy.

Two: Support a discrete brand image

Printing a new brand image on the boxes is one of the biggest drivers of sales.

About 74% of brands say that they experienced huge business growth using it, according to a leading survey. What is stopping you from joining the club?

Samsung is one of the pioneers of creative packaging. Their chic boxes are highly valued by buyers. Strong built and creative patterns define their packaging. branded shipping boxes generate more sales than standard boxes any day. The former reflects the brand identity and fosters instant brand recognition.

Cell phone boxes often come with custom inserts that keep all the contents safe and easily accessible. Light bulbs come in thick boxes to prevent breakages. Custom printed shipping boxes are modified to the exact electronic item the brand sells.

A distinguished brand appeal also comes with offbeat box shapes.

  • One-piece mailers. Small-sized electronic items fit well in these. They are convenient to ship and don’t take up much space.
  • Folding cartons. Traditional but works well. bigger items like LEDs and laptops are shipped in these. The box thickness is customizable too.
  • Auto-lock boxes. Great to secure contents and also make unboxing simple yet retainable.

Additionally, the boxes can be accessorized with top or side handles that make handling more convenient. Every individual custom feature expands brand awareness.

custom printed shipping boxes

Three: Improved product protection

Studies show that as high as about 27% of unsaleable are caused by damages during shipping. This calls for better protection and a practical approach to packaging.

What counts the most when delivering electronics? Customers, primarily, expect the electronic items to function properly. Custom boxes make it a reality. Tailored dimensions considering the weight and nature of the electronic item keeps the contents from being ruined along the route.

Do you think customers would appreciate the shipping boxes’ design when the items are broken or mutated? We think not! Higher box quality means better deliveries and more satisfied customers. When packaging is complete in every sense, it creates a feeling of urgency. Customers experience an instant requirement of buying the item on a loop and promote it through positive word of mouth.

Moreover, better box protection comes from printing the handling instructions too. Customers and courier partners can be conveyed how to store and carry the products safely. It adds to creating a safe shipping environment that allows for reliable transit every time.

Four: Relevant info that supports the visuals

While the visual features are essential for marketing, The content matters too. the texts explain the graphical presentation and convey important brand info without customers having to google the brand.

Some of the info present on the shipping units contain:

  • Product details. The manufacturing info and data are crucial to let customers know about the product’s uses.
  • User manual. Electronic packaging needs to be self-explanatory. Potential confusion and risk of accidents are effectively avoided by stating relevant instructions on the boxes.
  • The brand logo and name become retainable as customers become aware of its existence in the market.
  • Brand contact info. Customers need to know how they can get in touch with the brand when needed.
Creating the best shipping boxes

While the above benefits lure electronic sellers in using these shipping boxes, the financial aspects must also be validated.

There is no point in spending more than the business means.  The most fascinating factor about customizing is that new brands can start it with a limited budget ad slowly expand it to improve their branding prospects.

Investing in productive custom printed shipping boxes is a fruitful investment that swiftly pays off. It is a good marketing platform, movable and economical.


Irrespective of the size of the brand, every company in the electronics market requires reliable shipping boxes to ensure a steady growth rate sparked by loyal customers and durable shipping mechanisms.

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