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Apple has fired Antonio Garcia Martinez, a former high-ranking Facebook employee who joined Apple in April.

The move comes after thousands of employees demanded the removal of Martinez, saying he could not work with the signature campaign.

Martinez, who was fired, said Apple had defamed him and fired him abruptly.

Martinez, a former product manager at Facebook, joined Apple’s advertising department in April. But in 2016, a book he wrote contained racist, sexist, and anti-feminist ideas, prompting a signature campaign by 2,000 Apple employees saying they could not work with such people.

In 2016, Martinez wrote a controversial autobiography, Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley, combining his experiences working in Silicon Valley. He covered what he saw and experienced while working in Silicon Valley from 2010 to 2014 in his autobiography.

She writes in one place in her autobiography: Most of the women who work in the San Francisco Bay Area are gentle, weak, bulging, and stupid. However, they consider themselves world class. In fact, they are full of rubbish. She wears a feminist cloak and constantly boasts of freedom. But the reality is that in difficult situations they prove to be useless like useless bags.

In the same book, he compares the initial investment in a startup company to having sex with five women alternately and having sex at the same time.

Citing these objectionable passages from Martinez’s autobiography, Apple employees protested against him and launched a signature campaign demanding his dismissal.

Apple fired Martinez after widespread protests from its own employees: Apple has always strived to create an inclusive and welcoming workplace. So there is no room in Apple for devaluing and discriminating against people.

Martinez tweeted on Friday that he was outraged by Apple’s move. In a tweet, he said that Apple was already aware of his book, adding that he had talked about his book during a job interview and that he had made clear that his literary and business careers were different.

“I’m not isolated from Apple,” he said. I was fired by Apple all of a sudden. Apple has released a statement stating that I have performed negative behaviors while working at Apple. This is a defamatory and completely false accusation. ”

Apple has not commented on Martinez’s comments.

Before entering Silicon Valley, Martinez began his career as a quantitative strategist at Goldman Sachs and started a startup called AdGroc. He later sold the company to Twitter.

Martinez worked on Facebook as a product manager from 2011 to 2013.

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