A refrigerator isn’t an impulse purchase. It’s an important purchase and one that you’ll use each day. Because there are so many designs and styles available, you’ll have plenty of options.

How much you can afford to pay less than the amount of Rs. 20k for a basic model or even more than the amount of Rs. 1 lakh for a doors-in-door fridge that offers a variety of choices, there’s a fridge that is calling your name. Just do some research prior to clicking the “buy” button.

  1. Measure, measure, and measure

Make sure you measure every inch of the pathway through which your refrigerator will travel through: hallways, doors everything!

When you’re thinking about the purchase of a new refrigerator, it is essential to take measurements of everything. Start by determining the location where the fridge will be. It is important to ensure that the door does not strike an island or a wall. Make sure to have room at least one inch around to allow for air circulation.

Take a look at the direction that the fridge will take to enter your kitchen. Refrigerators aren’t just magically appearing! There are many deliveries that result in tears and anger due to the fact that the hallway’s door is too narrow, or the stairs are cold. It might seem like overkill however; if you live in a tight area it’s possible to make an exact replica of your fridge and driving it from your outside porch into your kitchen.

  1. Style

The four most sought-after refrigerator models. There are a variety of ads as well as features and variations from this.

The majority of refrigerators fall under these categories:

A top freezer: Your mother could have owned one similar to this. The freezer is located just above that compartment of the fridge. While they might appear like old-fashioned, these kinds of fridges are efficient. The top freezers are generally the most economical kind.

Bottom freezer: There’s not too many of them out there, but when you do discover one you love, these are less expensive in comparison to French door models and have many of the same benefits.

Side-by-side: Just as the name suggests refrigerator and freezer are located right in front of each other and keep most of your food items at the eye level. If you prefer to store large, frozen pizzas, lasagna pans or similar large foods ensure that your freezer has enough space. A lot of them don’t which can create an issue for bakers trying place a baking pan in the freezer.

French door French door: The most fashionable design in refrigerators with two doors that open to the refrigerator compartment and a freezer drawer at the bottom. In general, French doors tend to be the least costly. There are many variations of the classic three-door French door style, like the four-door model that comes with an additional pull-drawer as well as the quad-door model.

  1. Budget

In our research on Reviewed, we’ve come across great refrigerators that are at a range of prices. Before shopping, you should determine the amount you can spend. A standard, high-end top freezer could cost as little as Rs. 40,000. French door refrigerators begin at around Rs. 80,000, and increase from the point.

  1. Storage

The dimensions of your kitchen and the food habits of your family will determine the amount of cubic feet of storage space your refrigerator requires. The footprint of your refrigerator (i.e. its exterior width and depth) might be restricted because of the kitchen layout there are refrigerators that make good use of space, and others that do not. Ice dispensers in the kitchen can be useful, but they take up space that could otherwise be used for more food items.

Some best refrigerators also have flex-shelves and shelves that can be customized. Consider what you can do to personalize the shelves. You don’t know when you’ll need to store an entire sheet cake, deli platter and the four wine bottles.

  1. Finish

Since you’ll look at your fridge all day long, you should pick the right finish to look great inside your kitchen.

Stainless: The crisp metallic appearance of a refrigerator made of stainless steel is timeless. The majority of modern stainless refrigerators are smudge proof, which means you don’t have to spend the whole day removing fingerprints.

The black steel: The hottest finish each brand has their own spin on it, which makes it challenging mixing brands. Black stainless is impervious to fingerprints, which makes it much easier to keep clean. While magnets can adhere to many stainless-steel black finishes, they may scratch easily, so be cautious about making use of magnets.

Plain white or black: Choose either of these finishes when want to match the other appliances in your kitchen. A refrigerator in white or black usually is less expensive than one made of stainless steel or the black stainless steel.

Additional colors: Bisque along with almond is afloat at the margins however they have not gained any real recognition. There are striking colors from the company that is focused on design Smeg.

  1. Special features


Four doors, five doors, doors inside of doors! There are a lot of exciting possibilities. Be prepared to spend.

The bells and whistles might not be essential to the majority of people, but if you are looking for water and ice dispensers, gallon-sized bins inside the doors, shelves with adjustable heights and even doors with alarms (oh yes!) be sure the refrigerators you’re thinking of buying come with these features. Today, you can choose from refrigerators with creative ice makers, intelligent features, door-indoor designs, air filters to keep your food fresh, and much more. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing the right refrigerator.

Flex drawers: These temperature-controlled drawers are a popular new feature found on French-doors. Flex drawers can be used to maintain items at a specific temperature that is too hot or cold to be applied to the entire refrigerator.

Dual evaporators: While conventional refrigerators have one evaporator to cool both the refrigerator and freezer Dual evaporators have distinct evaporators for each. This is a feature that can allow you to maintain the quality of air inside your refrigerator, which can make your fresh vegetables last longer and also help keep your fridge clean.

Air filters: When fruits mature and release ethylene gas, which can causes other vegetables and fruits to begin to decay. That’s why refrigerators often have sharper drawers to keep your vegetables and fruits, and ensure that your food stays fresher for longer. Modern Bosch refrigerators, for example have been designed to tackle this issue by incorporating an ethylene gas filters into their refrigerators.

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