What makes Online Notepad Cool?

Notepad is a simple text writing paper sheet in your pc which includes the feature of colors, pictures, and editing features. In most cases, notepad removes the formatted text. Notepad does not paste the documents that are originally formatted. Not only these things there is a lot of cool things that we can do in notepad. There are many notepad tricks that you may like to do it. Moreover, notepad can handle the text very well. If we learn to use the notepad it becomes quite useful an fun.

But attention should be given while using the notepad hacks. We should use the most interesting one with a less negative impact. Some notepad tricks can damage your whole system and make your computer unusable. But we should not give you such a trick which corrupts your devices. Let’s play with some notepad tricks that surely entertained you.

We need to make a personal Logbook or diary which really helps us. A special kind makes a feature that allows and makes us have a log that exists in Notepad. We can use the different kinds of logs of stuff as a notepad that will put a date and a time for us and we can also open a kind of specific type of log file. While you are also doing this kind or just type LOG in our notepad and also we save it afterall which saves it under any type of name that we wish for.

Now, whenever we will just trying to open this kind of particular files you will see that in notepad automatically and enters the date at which it was opened by the users.You will see all that type of notepad automatically that enters at a date and a time to make a log recorded and save the log.

Talking about the shutting down of the computer using notepad we need to imagine if we try instead of tryinbg to press the buttom an a shotdown buttom and then try to click the ok option. Now for the trying button shot down button click on a icon to shut down your personal computer. The notepad is a kind of trick system which is written below just that and save a file in a document or where you wanted to by .vbsfile, and press for sometime when you needed it to shut down the system.

You can also do many things in notepad for making and organizing all the details of the personal data and information inside it. In this notepad also there even you can also change header and footer in the notepad. For that thing in a notepad move to the file page setup after that in notepad. After that in the field for header and footer and a type of any of all these codes.

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