Click to Call Services

The success of a business is directly proportional to the presence of its communication channels. The click to call solution is a makeshift change in the experience of your online customers. It provides them with the ability to click a phone number and directly call the concerned person. This minimizes the customer effort.

A market research by Google has shown that adding a click to call button can lead to a 200% increase in call to conversion rates. The research also throws light on how click-to-call can help to portray a positive and transparent brand image. Out of the correspondents of the market research, 47% people said that they were more likely to choose a competitor if there wasn’t an option to directly call the company and that 70% of mobile searches use click to call and that calls are an important channel for customer engagement.

Let’s take look at how it helps your business:

  • Higher conversion rates

The usage of click to call is certainly increasing the conversion of online visitors into customers. The customer queries get solved quickly and users keep visiting the website for consequent purchases. Other formats of getting customer queries resolved on chat/email are time consuming and customers cannot get instant answers to their queries and end up abandoning their website. Click to call ensures a decent conversion rate from online visitors to purchasers.

  • Efficient customer segmentation

This solution helps to efficiently segment your customer. Based on your cooperation with the customer, the platform can provide intelligent recommendations to recommend a text message, voice call or even a video call session with the customer for engagement.

  • Capture customer intelligence

Click to call will also help businesses identify which web pages generate the highest number of queries from customers and also analyse the webpages which generate the highest number of sales. The webpages which generate most queries can be improved by the UI/UX designers to make the user experience seamless. Customer data can be captured for analysis and future targeting.

  • Plan campaigns

A customer often openly discusses the concerns over call, Common issues faced by customers can be analysed and brought to the notice of senior management at the organisation and solving those further drive sales. The customer support can make use of this opportunity to inform customers about promotions and brand campaigns which can deliver higher conversion rates.

  • Quality monitoring

The call tracking and monitoring between the customer care agent and the customer are tracked, recorded and can also be monitored in real time for quality testing and analysis purposes. The customer care executives can also be given further training based on the collected data to better address customer queries.

  • Lesser Wait time for customers

Call routing is a key feature of the click to call backend which automatically routes the calls to agents which are available to answer the customer calls, which reduces the wait time compared to a traditional customer care service. The Interactive voice response (IVR) Menu is a multi-level menu and options are chosen by the customer using the dial pad, based on the selections in the IVR Menu the customer call can be directed to the concerned authority based on the type of issue faced.

With the growing market of ecommerce, having an online presence for your brand is crucial. A smooth digital brand experience helps to convert visitors into customers. Click to call has been proven as a solution to rapidly aid the customer conversion and retention rates of your brand. A secure and reliable solution which is easy to scale can provide best support to the business as well as the customer. Integration of click to call services with CRM Softwares can lead to generation of data driven insights and enhance business decisions.

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