does the raikov effect work

The Raikov effect makes your wishes come true. Here’s a basic explanation of how the does the Raikov effect work. You must work hard to make your dreams and goals a reality. You will be able to build the foundation you need to achieve what you want.

How does the Raikov effect works?

  • It works by having positive thoughts in your mind and then putting it into action on a daily basis. The more you think the better it will affect your life. This is where the Raikov effect comes in. The more you use the Raikov technique the more skill development you will be able to develop.
  • This is because it will increase the flow of creativity and skill development in your brain.

Procedure of Raikov Effect:

  • The process of using the Raikov method acting on the brain is quite simple. To start off with this technique you will need to master the ability to visualize in your mind and have a very clear and strong image in your mind.
  • You can do this by using proper focus and visualization techniques. Once you have mastered this you can move on to practicing this method acting on another person. To practice this method on another person, you will need to use the same technique but this time on a mirror.

Steps for effective working of Raikov Effect:

Here are some ways to get all the Brain Power you will ever need.

  • First you should learn how to listen to the audio tracks that are contained within the Raikov Audio CDs. These audio tracks contain essential information for you to master your brain power. Learning how to listen to these audio tracks is one way of memorizing what you need to memorize.
  • Next, when listening to the Raikov Audio tracks you should try to imagine that you are inside a very clear and relaxing setting. You should find yourself surrounded by soothing natural colors and atmosphere. By imagining these things you will be able to create the exact atmosphere you need inside of your mind to act upon your new brain power techniques. If you cannot achieve this state of mind by just listening to the Raikov Audio tracks then you will not be able to use the Raikov Effect for good.

To effectively use the new Raikov effect you must practice the steps above on a regular basis. You must also keep in mind that when learning these steps, you must never think of thinking about anything that you are not sure of.

By thinking about something you may become uncertain if you are making the right choice or not.

The whole Raikov meditation technique can take up to ten days of constant practice before you will start seeing any results.

This means that in order for you to see any type of results from the meditation technique you should be willing to commit yourself to the process for many days. Many people are skeptical of this and they feel that it will take them too long to get any sort of benefits from the new technique that is brainwave entrainment using only a CD.


  • All in all the Raikov effect is a great system for those looking to get better at remembering and focusing their minds.
  • Although the initial steps may seem a bit basic, they will go a long way to giving you the ability to improve your brainwaves so you can start to visualize things more clearly and in much more detail. The best part is that it does all this without expensive tools or complicated programs.

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