Let’ start with a FACT:

1 in 7 Couples, in India, fails to conceive even after having unprotected sex on fertile days.

Gomti Thapar Hospital Moga: From the fact itself, we have come to know how common infertility is among couples in India. But sadly, Indian society has not yet emerged successful in getting over the societal notions which say the most common cause of infertility in females. According to the fertility experts practising in the IVF Centres in Punjab, “In case of the uneducated couples, it becomes extremely difficult to make the male partner believe that it is not his wife that is the reason for infertility. We felt the need that the people need to get educated about sex, conception, pregnancy and delivery. And so we arranged numerous awareness campaigns to spread awareness among the people.”


It’s okay to be infertile

Nobody wants to get impotent intentionally. If you have somehow gotten trapped in this thing, then it is not your fault. It is okay to be infertile. It is remediable. If it does not get cured then there are other techniques also which can give you the happiness of becoming a father. One of such methods is the test tube procedure.


Cost of Test Tube Procedure

The test tube procedure is widely known as the IVF procedure. The baby delivered with the help of this procedure is known as the test tube baby. Test tube baby costs are different for different couples. Since the cause of infertility is not the same for all couples, how do we expect the cost to be the same for all.

How to know that the male partner is having some problem?

The following symptoms are indicators of infertility. If you or your partner notices any of these, then do not delay in visiting the fertility specialist or the gynaecologist:

  • Difficulty in getting ejaculated
  • Ejaculation does not involve a great amount of the fluids
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Difficulty in getting erected
  • Pain in the testicles
  • Swelling in the or the are around the testicles
  • The respiratory infections are getting recurrent
  • The breasts are growing in the completely abnormal manner
  • Decreased hair on the face and the body
  • Lower Sperm Count


Which are the potential causes of male infertility?

The potential causes of male infertility are as follow:


  • Varicoceles

It is the swelling of the veins that are known to drain the testicles. It is one of the most common and reversible causes of male infertility. But if we talk about the exact reason for the varicoceles, then it is unknown.


  • Infections

There are so many kinds of infections that interfere with the production of sperms.It could include any of the following:

  • Epididymis
  • Orchitis


  • Ejaculation issues

By retrograde ejaculation, we are referring to the condition in which semen goes back in the bladder instead of coming out from the top of the penis.

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