Reasons behind male infertility

Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre: When you visit the best IVF Centre in Punjab the doctor will analyze your condition and accordingly, tell you which treatment plan will improve your chances of conception. In many cases, when a couple visits the infertility clinic in Ludhiana the problem can be with the male partner which happens in around 30% of the cases. Here are some of the reasons for the male infertility:

  • Irregular swollen veins are present in the testicles which are known as varicoceles. One of the common reasons behind male infertility affects sperm count and affects the quality.
  • Chances are that poor sperm motility can make it tough for the sperm to travel and reach the egg for fertilization,
  • In some cases, the sperm have genetic or chromosomal problems which affect sperm production and even the semen concentration
  • Hormonal level in the body is uneven like the testosterone
  • The sperm dimension changes along with sperm morphology and due to this the sperm will not be able to fertilize the egg.
  • If there are physical and psychological issues in the spinal cord wound then it increases the chances of impotence which can also lead to male infertility.
  • Chances are that, if your male partner has undergone chemotherapy or any other cancer treatment, then their sperm health which means reproductive health will be put at stake.


What are the treatment options for male infertility?

  • In certain cases, changing the lifestyle can help certain men to bring back their sperm count to normal. If there is a weight issue or you follow an unhealthy diet, then it is better that you avoid those things.
  • IUI is another treatment in which the sperm is cleansed and concentrated to put back into the uterus.
  • IVF is one of the best treatment plans in which your chances of conception increase manifolds. During IVF, the sperm and egg are fertilized with each other in a controlled environment which increases the chances of fertilization, and then the embryo is produced. Following that, the embryo is implanted back to the women’s reproductive tract which results in conception.
  • In another case, the process of donor sperm can also be helpful in cases where the male partner is not able to ejaculate or they are not able to generate semen in the right amount. In this case, the doctor suggests the vasectomy reversal which helps in healthy and balanced sperm in the semen.
  • Medications and hormone therapy can be helpful for the sperm to fertilize the woman’s egg.


Consult the best IVF doctor

Make sure that you consult the best IVF doctor to plan for the treatment in the right manner and understand better which fertility treatment will boost your chances of conception. So, if you are having a problem conceiving then schedule your initial consultation with the best fertility doctor at the earliest and get started with your conception journey.


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