Businesses seek out security services in a variety of ways. The services offered will differ depending on the industry and size of the business. While there are many security options for businesses, key holding is the best. Keyholding protects employees as well as business owners. The keyholding service allows individuals or businesses to keep a spare key for commercial premises in case of loss. For greater security, book keyholder service.

What is keyholding?

Keyholding is when a business gives security companies the keys to its premises. The security provider responds promptly and appropriately to an alarm. The keyholder can grant access to cleaners or maintenance personnel, as well as to simply patrol the property. The keys are stored in a key vault or mobile unit that conforms to standards. They are not identified with the business name for security reasons.

These are the main reasons why professional keyholding companies are a great choice.

False Alarms

In the case of a false alarm, staff can be reached outside of regular working hours. This can also impact the business’ productivity. The key to any business’s success is its staff. To reduce the company’s financial costs, they must be able to respond to an alarm.

Safety & Health:

The recent safety and security policies of HSE have had a major impact on key holding arrangements. It is vital to ensure that alarm response staff are adequately protected.


When visiting the site, it is important to ensure staff protection and key holding arrangements.

Response Time:

It is vital that staff are available to respond to alarm activations within 20 minutes of the alarm going off.


At least two key holders will be required for each site. Any alarm activations can be attended by the designated key holder. They should be familiarized with all functions of the alarm system.

Hire the key holding company to ensure the safety of your employees and company. Key Patrol could be a keyholding company for your business. Keyholding services are available at a low price from many security companies. They are also able to provide the best possible solutions. You can also hire professionals to ensure smooth operation of key-holder duties.

What makes a keyholder trustworthy ?

A keyholder is a senior employee who holds a high-ranking job. To be able respond quickly to an alarm, they should be located near the alarm system. They are responsible to set up alarm systems and lock them up. Keyholders who are reliable, conscientious, and responsible should be a good choice.

What is outsourced keyholding?

Keyholding duties are outsourced by external security firms. All duties related to an internal keyholder will be handled by the external company. If necessary, this includes locking and unlocking premises. The security company will offer emergency response services in the event of an alarm being activated.

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