BFIC is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on third-generation Blockchain Technology. Innovation Factory is a visionary FinTech company that designed and successfully launched BFIC into the market. They call their blockchain technology. BFIC is nothing like the previous generations of blockchain technologies. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum lacked certain aspects and provided room for improvement. BFIC Mainnet is the advanced blockchain technology that aims at providing solutions to current pressing issues.

BFIC Mainnet 

The BFIC Blockchain differentiates itself from other blockchains by providing a real-time platform for the creation and management of decentralized financial services. Transaction and data storage costs are extremely minimal, and assets can be simply tokenized for use in Ethereum or other networks. The BFIC Mainnet is intended to incorporate features from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tron. The Mainnet is the Blockchain’s flagship due to its exceptional speed and decentralization.

BFIC Mainnet Architecture

 One of the best attributes of BFIC blockchain is the Triple-Layered Architecture. BFIC blockchain is comprised of many components that can be divided into three layers. Each Layer is designed to perform a specific function as well as support other layers. API (Application Programming Interfaces) are used to communicate between the layers. The architecture establishes a server-friendly environment by using discrete layers to conduct various functions, avoiding server overload or crashes. Needless to say, this renders it impervious to third-party attacks or hacking. The three layers are as follows:

  1. Application Layer: Wallets, Smart Contracts, Dapp.
  2. Core Layer: Nodes – Light, Common, Master, And Super Representative.
  3. Network Layer: Internet, Blockchain State, Storage.

The triple-layer architecture ensures lighting fast transaction speed, responsive scalability, and ultimate immunity. It addresses the scalability issue. Scalability was one of the major issues of Bitcoin and Etherem. BFIC  ensures that more than 100,000 can be performed per second without any kind of delay.

Smart Contracts 

Smart Contracts are an important part of Blockchain, and seeks to empower them. Using this to create a smart contract will help the contractors because 25% of the gas fee will go directly to smart contracts.

BFIC’s Powerful Ecosystem

BFIC isn’t just a mere crypto coin. It is a valuable coin that is supported by an exceptionally massive utility-based ecosystem. The ecosystem includes 16 major projects that will enhance the utility and value of BFIC. BFIC Blockchain is the heart of BFIC. Therefore, it must deliver high performance and scalability.

A coin with no utility is useless in long run. Therefore, Innovation Factory is working on multiple ecosystem projects simultaneously. Some are almost complete and on the verge of launch while others are still in the pipeline. These following projects will be launched soon:

  • BFIC Network: BFIC Network is a progressive platform that offers stake-mining on smartphone devices. It provides endless opportunities to generate passive income effortlessly.
  • 1st Investment: It is the World’s First Custom Investment plan. It enables you to create your own custom investment plan and enjoy commissions without any kind of liability.
  • BlockHub: It is a blockchain development company that will aid in blockchain and financial smart contract development solutions.
  • Love Wallet: An innovative all-inclusive crypto wallet that enables you to trade cryptocurrencies with ease. It provides generous interest rates on your wallet holdings. Love wallet is backed by 50+ blockchains and 1 Million plus supported Assets.

According to the roadmap, this ecosystem will be fully operational by the fourth quarter of 2022. Innovation Factory is right on track and working tirelessly to make sure the BFI Coin keeps growing. In the long run, they hopes to have BFIC listed on the New York Exchange by 2026.
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