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 Woven by the artisans, handmade rugs at rugs stores online is the traditional way to add warmth to your home. But first, learn how to care for them by vacuuming and cleaning. 

If you are looking for a way to keep your floors clean and stylish, handmade rugs are the perfect solution. But, do you know what handmade rugs are? A handmade rug uses natural fibers such as wool, cotton, or silk for weaving. You can find these handmade pieces at rug stores online USA that come from many cultures across the globe. 


Moreover, handmade rugs come in various shapes and sizes with different colors, patterns, and designs. They also offer different levels of durability- from delicate hand-woven wool pieces to braided carpets. But, these rug pieces come with a hefty price tag and routine care. While synthetic nylon rugs can be machine washable, handmade ones are different. 


What are handmade rugs?

Before we dive into the cleaning tips, you should know more about handmade rugs. So, let’s talk about its material, weaving patterns, and cultural esteems. 


  • Handmade rugs come in many different shapes and sizes from various cultures. 
  • They use all sorts of natural fibers, including wool, cotton, silk, or even bamboo.
  • Also, some of these rugs have been hand-knotted by skilled artisans using many weave patterns.
  • In general, this type of rug is the most expensive option because it takes a long time and intricate skills to produce one.
  • Another popular material for making handmade rugs is sisal which comes from the agave plant. It makes a sturdy but attractive floor covering rug piece. 
  • These types of rugs are usually woven on looms with colorful patterns that make them eye-catching and practical.
  • Rugs can be flat woven, pile woven, or tufted. 

Flat-woven rugs: Have an even surface with no pile on top or bottom, but you cannot walk on them because the weave is not tight enough to hold up to weight. Typically, they work well for outdoor use.

Pile woven rug: Have loops of yarn that form a dense fabric with a lush texture like velvet. These rugs are soft underfoot, and they can stand wear and tear to last for years.

Tufted rugs: using handheld tools or machines: these rugs have no knots. Also, they are soft and smooth and may shed with frequent cleaning. 


Knowing about the fabric and weaving pattern can help you a lot in its cleaning. Here is how you should take care of your handmade rugs:


  1. Weekly vacuuming
  2. Using a rug pad
  3. Clean the spills immediately
  4. Hanging in sunlight
  5. Outer rugs from rug stores online 
  6. Rugs for high traffic areas
  7. Keeping pets away
  8. Dry-cleaning them


  • Weekly vacuuming:


Rug cleaning is not an issue if you know how to handle it. First of all, regular dusting is a must to keep it clean and healthy. But, if you have a busy schedule, take out time for weekly vacuuming. Washing rugs can take much of your time and energy, so do it twice or thrice a month. 


  • Using a rug pad:


When you are investing in handmade rugs, buying area rug pads can offer more protection. In this way, you can protect the expensive rug piece from spilling and staining. Also, it provides extra cushioning.


  • Clean the spills immediately:


If you spill anything on the area rug, try to clean it immediately with blotting liquid. But, do not wash it directly, so only clean that spot. You can also use drops of cleaner or shampoo on that area.


  • Hanging in sunlight:


All sorts of carpets and rugs need some air and sunlight to freshen up. That is why it is the best tip to keep your rug pieces healthy and odor-free. So, hang your handmade rugs in sunlight and open-air to kill the germs and keep them as dry as possible. However, do not hang them for too long as they may discolor.


  • Outer rugs from rug stores online:


Keeping handmade rugs clean can be tricky, so consider using outer rugs to keep the foot dirt away from home. In this case, use flat-woven rugs like jute rugs at the doorstep. All the dust will stick to it and will not get in. Also, you can buy beautiful and durable outer rugs from Rug Gallery.


  • No rugs for high traffic areas:


Handmade rugs are costly investments. They are unique and intricate due to their designs and weaving patterns. So, it is recommended not to use them in high traffic areas as they may shed over time. Typically, you can use your handmade rug pieces in the living room or bedroom.


  • Keeping pets away:


If you have pets at home, be sure that they do not scratch your handmade rugs too much. It could wear down their texture over time. So, keep the pets away to keep them safe.


  • Dry-cleaning them:


Like any other home décor element, these rugs also require special and deep cleaning. That is why you should dry-clean your handmade rugs at least twice the year. If you can DIY, that is great. Otherwise, clean them professionally. 


No doubt, handmade rugs are desirable for most people, but do you know how to clean and maintain them? If you are willing to pay a high price for them, read the features of handmade rugs above. First, get a beautiful rug piece from rug stores online and apply the cleaning tips to care for them. Weekly vacuuming, washing, and exposing it to sunlight are helpful. So, take care of these dos and don’ts to get the best results.   

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