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Making sure your kitchen has sufficient storage space can be an issue. There are many methods to make your kitchen appear more significant. However, it’s important to remember that there are only many square feet to work with in your home. So the first thing to do is decide which items you will need most and where they’ll be most commonly used. Next, consider the ways that elevated surfaces affect their use. For instance, placing tall canisters close to the eye will make them easier to reach while cooking or baking. 

Likewise, storing appliances on shelves that are high keeps them out of reach of children who may accidentally turn on an appliance when playing at home. It is also possible to use lighter colors (or dark) for your walls and cabinets since it helps create a sense of calm.

If you’re a keen cook lover, there’s nothing more frustrating than a small kitchen that doesn’t fit your style. However, even if a huge remodeling project isn’t feasible, there are many ways to maximize your space and help your kitchen work for you. Take a look at this small kitchen decor, storage ideas, and mini-remodeling suggestions to significantly make your cooking space more spacious.

Use white or light colors:

Small spaces with dark colors can enlarge the eyes and make the room feel small and cramped. Instead, choose light or white stains on your walls and the cabinets to reflect sunlight on your kitchen, making it seem larger.

Open use shelves:

The cabinets are excellent. However, to make a kitchen appear more extensive and give the kitchen some depth, go for doors that are not open shelving for dishes, bowls, and other cooking tools. Are you not yet ready to pay to buy new cabinetry? Then taking the doors off and applying trim that matches the edges is a quick method to transform your old shelves into open shelves.

Opt for a backsplash with mirrored tiles:

Mirrored backsplashes are ideal for expanding the look of your tiny kitchen as it spreads light across the room while keeping it light and well-lit. If mirrored glass tiles aren’t in the budget, plenty of reflective peel-and-stick backsplashes give the same effect without the cost. You can use best white marble countertops for a better and enhanced look.

Contrasts between the walls and cabinets:

Your cabinets and walls do not have to be identical shades. However, it would help if you avoided striking shades of contrast between them. For example, the presence of a huge block of dark cabinets juxtaposed against the light walls or vice versa could make you notice the lack of space inside your kitchen. This can make the space appear and feel smaller.

Make sure you keep your ceiling clean:

A clean white ceiling can ensure that your kitchen doesn’t feel cramped, so if the ceiling you have is painted white, leave it that way. If not, paint it white and, if there are popcorn ceilings, get it removed to eliminate the sharp shadows and stark shadows they create and make the kitchen feel more spacious.

Paint your trim the same color as your walls:

Trim that isn’t in contrast with the color of your walls can make a room appear small and separated in the middle. By painting your edge in a similar color to the walls, you’ll increase the plan, making your kitchen appear more spacious and free of any limitations.

Install soft lighting under the cabinet:

Utilizing soft, diffused under-cupboard lighting is an excellent method of bringing out the fullness of a kitchen. Utilize linear lighting under cabinets to provide task lighting that is not shadowy and help create a more spacious kitchen.

Include an additional skylight:

If you’re able to do it, installing a fixed skylight can be a fantastic way to provide sunlight without removing valuable cabinet or wall space. Unfortunately, fixed skylights aren’t cheap. However, tube skylights are an affordable choice ideal for kitchens with small rooms. As they are smaller and are easier to put in.

Comfortable window treatments:

Make the most of the light that you are blessed with by selecting the best window treatment. Blinds that are cordless with clear, sharp lines minimize visual clutter and give the kitchen a more spacious appearance. If blinds aren’t your style, choose light curtains with sheer drapes to provide diffused light.

Pick shiny flooring:

The glossy, light subway tiles are a fantastic option for kitchens with smaller spaces because they can scatter light around the kitchen and create clean, slender lines that run throughout. Use clean lines for fixtures like marble countertops and décor to minimize the visual noise found within your kitchen. This will make the kitchen appear less cluttered and large.

Keep larger appliances out of the way:

The clutter can make any space seem smaller, and this is especially true for the kitchen. Don’t let it take your valuable pantry space if you use the deep fryer only once a year around Thanksgiving. Please put it in a box and store it at the bottom of your basement or in a hallway closet until you require it.

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 A small kitchen need not be a problem if you know how to maximize the space you have. Utilize the vertical distance by putting up shelves that are hung on the ceiling or wall. These shelves can be used to store pots and pans, as in other things that need to be kept out of sight but not forgotten. Be sure to have plenty of light coming into your home to make it appear more significant than it is. I hope this guide will be helpful for you.


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