What is Conversational AI? Conversational AI is the blending of artificial intelligence and human interaction. Conversational AI is used to improve services, products, and even how we interact with each other. This new technology will lead the way for how we do business in the future.

The first step towards conversational ai applications is for a company to understand their customer and what they want. To do that it needs to understand what the customer is saying. After understanding the needs of your customer, you can start thinking about the things you can do to improve the services you offer them. These ideas can be expanded into conversational ai application that you and your team can use to offer better solutions to customer problems.

One way you can improve your customer service through conversational ai applications is by using artificial intelligence and voice recognition technologies to analyze your customer’s needs and requirements. For example, if you are selling a car, your chatbot can suggest a few different options based on the data it analyzes from its database. If you have an iPhone, your artificially intelligent digital assistant can tell you which app to download on your phone based on what you’re typing into the app’s interface. It may sound silly, but these technologies are now being used in phones, smart TVs, and other electronic devices.

However, the idea of a conversational ai application goes beyond simply providing artificial intelligence and voice analysis for your customers. To give you an idea, let’s say you are selling your garage tools. Your customer decides to buy a screwdriver, but wants one that has a different blade. In this case, your chatbot can suggest two different screwdrivers: a flat headed screwdriver and one with a serrated edge.

You could implement this conversational AI and NLP technique by creating different variants of your garage sale bot. Say you have two different bot variants – a male-female variant and a different color bot. Both bots are initially trained on their own language to achieve conversational understanding. Then, you change one of the bots and let it perform some processing on the data from the other bot. This processing can include things like determining how many screws to buy from your male bot and what screwdrivers to sell.

NLP and AIM, both of which I’ve worked with, allow your chatbot to adapt and evolve as your business grows. With these systems, you get a fully-trained system that can understand, remember, and then adjust to changes as your business does. Today’s artificial intelligence and NLP software can even recognize a specific instance of a sales call, recognize the right voice to talk to your virtual customer assistants (VA’s), and know when to modify your product offerings based on the needs of the virtual customer assistants. They can even tell when a particular VA has gone off topic during a conversation and need a follow-up conversation. They can also tell if a specific keyword phrase is not working for your business.

NLP and AIM, along with many others such as SLP, can help your virtual assistants become much more intelligent and responsive. Conversational AI and NLP software is designed to give machines that voice recognition technology. This makes them able to better analyze customer needs, recognize patterns in those needs, and then re-develop a solution around those needs. This makes your business more profitable by improving the efficiency of your operation.

Conversational artificial intelligence is changing the way that businesses operate. The first steps of implementing conversational ai work use cases are done through voice recognition software. Later, the software is able to provide much more detailed explanations of those voice qualities. And finally, the software is able to do much more. It can predict what kind of results you might get from a marketing campaign based on past search patterns and ask natural language processing questions based on words that the computer has learned. All of this means that conversational artificial intelligence is changing the way that businesses operate today.


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