memorable password

You can quite easily generate a password. Simply tap your fingers against your keyboard and you can find a secure password like [email protected]#$(#). That is a very good one which includes a mix of many different types of characters and it is hard to guess why it is A series of random characters.

The only problem here is to memorize this password. Assuming he has no photographic memory, he would have to spend time punching these characters in his brain. There are random password generators that can offer you this type of password, they are generally more useful as part of a password manager that will also remember the passwords for you.

You should think about how to create a memorable password. You don’t want to use something obvious with the dictionary characters, so consider using some kind of trick to memorize it.

For example, you may find it easier to remember a sentence like “The first house I lived in was 613 Fake Street. The rent was $ 400 per month. ” You can convert that sentence into a password using the first digits of each word so that your password becomes TfhIeliw613FS.Rw $ 4pm. This is a secure 21-digit password. Of course, a truly random password could include some more numbers and symbols and coded uppercase letters, but it’s not bad at all.

Best of all, it is memorable. You just need to remember those two simple sentences.

Traditional advice is not the only good advice for finding a password. XKCD made a great comic about this many years ago that is still widely linked to today. When discarding all the usual tips, the comic advises choosing four random words and joining them to create a passphrase, a password that involves several words. The randomness of the choice of words and the length of the passphrase make it strong.

The most important thing to remember here is that words must be random. For example, “cat in the hat” would be a terrible combination because it is a very common phrase and the words make sense together. “My beautiful red house” would also be bad because the words make grammatical and logical sense together.

But something like “correct horse battery clip” or “dazzling molasses of invisible seashell” is random. Words do not make sense together and are not in the grammatically correct order, which is good. It should also be much easier to remember than a traditional random password.

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