kitchen in St Petersburg (кухни в СПб), The kitchen is most often referred to as the “Heart of the House.” Because it is the most significant part of the home. That’s where family meals, breakfasts, cookie baking with the kids, and moments are formed. Kitchens are now an important part of everyday life as well as special-occasion events, and they frequently serve as family rooms, workplaces, and media centers.

A brilliant design for a stylish kitchen in St. Petersburg  will provide significant hints as to how the rest of the house might and should grow. Designers now provide cabinets, vanities, and fixtures in all of the world’s most common design styles, from Old World to postmodern, to suit the increased competition for show-stopping kitchens. You also don’t have to limit yourself to everything you see in kitchen showrooms.

There are numerous popular designs from which to select. Whenever it comes to modern kitchen style, several variables such as storage space, kitchen cabinet arrangement, and kitchen colors must be considered.

List of trending modern kitchen designs:

What Would Your Ideal Kitchen Include? Can get the information you want through modern kitchen decor and get ready to give your kitchen a transformation. To incorporate the modern stylish kitchen in St Petersburg (кухни в СПб) into your home, here are some tips and tricks.

  1.         TRADITIONAL
  2.         MODERN
  3.         CLASSIC
  4.         MEDITERRANEAN
  5.         CONTEMPORARY
  6.         COASTAL
  7.         COTTAGE
  8.         FARMHOUSE


Details such as arches, elegant moldings, and corbels, elevated shelves, a blend of ancient materials, and furniture-like curved legs, all identify traditional kitchens. Balance is important in traditional kitchens. None of it is too modern or aggressive. Each component should work in harmony with the others.


The modern kitchen is elegant, sensual, and professional, and it’s developed to decrease trash to a minimum. Free Standing Cabinets, stylish and practical hardware, strong rectangular shapes, and a lack of elaboration come to mind when people think of modern kitchen decor, with the stunning look of the components coming through. So, the most modern kitchens have reflective surfaces as well as high-tech materials.


White or cream kitchen cabinets, basic design structures, and black accessories define the classic kitchen design. So, it’s a basic and clear aesthetic that gives owners a blank canvas on which to reflect their personality and style using architectural items like lighting, decor, and classic and eclectic details.


Flared ceilings, hand-painted tiling, rustic wooden cabinets, and vaulted cooking corridors seem to be just a few of the qualities that make a kitchen Mediterranean. Walls are commonly painted in vibrant colors like blues and greens, with several other colors used as highlights. So, a clay or mosaic countertop is a typical element, as is decorative tile work. 

Wooden floors are common, and relaxing, natural colors are frequently used on the walls. The hues are scattered by the sun. However, the surfaces are gracefully weathered, and the feeling is pure romance.


The contemporary kitchen design has evolved to incorporate a combination of traditional and new, casual and refined elements. It will have sophisticated gourmet culinary equipment, comfortable seats, and an open atmosphere where guests may interact with the chefs while entertaining. So, it might come with freestanding cabinets and elegant, basic hardware. Most commonly people use this design to build a stylish kitchen in St. Petersburg.


Relaxing colors like calm shades of blue, seafoam green, light khaki, and delicate pinks are vital aspects of the coastal kitchen style, as they help establish a seaside tourist vibe. White and cream are the most common foundation colors, resulting in a color theme that is both vibrant and dynamic while being soothing. 

So, beach motifs or sea life characteristics will add in accessories and countertop tiles. Fabrics and floors built to withstand wet swimsuits make coastal-style kitchens efficient.


Cottage kitchens are make to feel comfortable and encompassing, regardless of the size of the room. So, cottage kitchens are always one-of-a-kind with their rustic touches and unpolished surfaces and provide the complete look for odd art and memorabilia.

 So, it allows for a variety of collections and antiques use as design elements. Appliances come in a variety of colors, including white and classic.


Farmhouse kitchens are cozy and pleasant, with plenty of storage and a classic look. Open shelving, huge sinks, and wood floors will be among the highlights. another classic element is a large kitchen table. It is customary to mix and combine many colors. Commonly, the lighting will be modest and antique. So, popular trends include farmhouse counters and interior cabinetry, and an interesting collection of textures helps create a pleasant, lived-in atmosphere.


The following are the most popular ultra-modern kitchen designs. All of these types have a wide range of popular styles from which to choose. So, personal preference, available space, and the sort of home you own may all influence your decision. Because everyone devotes their entire lives to making their home a beautiful place to live. And if you want to rebuild your stylish kitchen in kitchen in St Petersburg (кухни в СПб), there are many designers, architects, and builders who can reconstruct your kitchen design in a modern style.

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