It’s hard to believe we’re into our 10th decade! The decade of 2010 was a great time for us at Concept. We had the opportunity to play with different designs, new colors, and innovative materials to design modern furniture that was loved by designers across the globe. We came across a fantastic group of people on Instagram. We’ve had the opportunity to attend tradeshows and conferences across the globe and even those at the IDS at Toronto (and we’ll return very soon! ).

In the wake of the past decade, we decided to review the most-read blog articles to highlight the ideas and topics people discussed most over the past couple of years. Did we miss one of your top posts out of the list?

Leatherette is different from. Leather: What’s the difference?

Many of our clients asked us to explain the difference in genuine and faux leather when it comes to upholstery for furniture shops sunderland . We decided to write a post about it to address these concerns and it ended up being one of our most-read posts of the last decade.

In this article we look at the distinctions between the different materials and their benefits and disadvantages. In addition, we considered which material will work best in specific circumstances. It is more comfortable to breathe, which makes it perfect for hot environments and leatherette is more easy to maintain, which makes it ideal for environments with children who are small or for food production.

Chrome vs Stainless Steel – What is Preferable?

Our blog on chrome vs. stainless steel is slightly different. While leather and leatherette appear identical however, stainless steel and chrome are not often the same. You might know which one you like the appearance of, but can it last in your home?

Chrome has been gaining in popularity over the last few years due to its sleek industrial style. It’s great for a variety of styles and decors, as well as contemporary furniture in places where there isn’t lots of scratches or dirt. The durability of stainless steel is ideal for making long-lasting furniture that is resistant to wear and wear and tear. Which do you prefer in your home?

The Most Modern Hotel Lobby Furniture

We enjoyed writing this article , and we hope you enjoyed reading it! From Italy and across China to China, to the United States, we found some of the most contemporary lobby areas in hotels and discussed their features that distinguish them.

The things that caught our attention most were the vibrant hues and contrasts, the wall designs, and the modern furniture that is used in the lobbies to create a warm and modern ambience. We’re looking forward to seeing what the hotels come up with for the coming decade to keep up with the latest fashions!


Designing an Industrial Design using Modern Furniture

One of the most trending trends of 2010 was certainly industrial design. The exposed pipe as well as stainless steel and chrome decor, and modern furniture are just a few examples of the options for design that we witnessed everywhere over the past few years.

This article about how to create an industrial style using modern furniture can help people design industrial designs using metal elements that are cool and still providing aspects of the comfort. We don’t want to be trapped in a cold and automated space! Take a look at this post in case you’re considering incorporating modern design elements into your home this year.

Our Favourite Types of Modern Dining Chairs

When you’re looking at dining chairs to fit your dining area, lounge, or restaurant the options are limitless – but they are! From the upholstery material to colors, base to metal, and finally the comfort of your chair, there are thousands of options to pick from.

Our list of our favorite styles of contemporary dining chairs are an excellent place to begin and gain ideas when you are trying to select dining chairs for your dining space. Making a decision on the shape, color and design of the base will help you choose the ideal dining chairs without the hassle.

Start the New Year on the Right Foot

We at sohoConcept are so thrilled about the exciting innovations this year will offer. Keep abreast of the most recent news and trends in contemporary interiors and furniture by reading our website and Instagram! We are always interested in hearing our clients’ opinions on what they would like for their contemporary designs.Visit Homedesign | Online Furniture Store | Beds, Sofas, Dining Tables, Mirrors, Frames, Rugs, Accessories

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