Tech Blogs in Nepal have been getting alot of hype these days. Everyone must accept that Tech Blogs in Nepal have helped connecting the general public to the international Technological advancement.

There are almost 100s of tech blogs in Nepal that claim to provide authentic information to the public. Nevertheless, only some tech blogs stand out and prove them trustworthy.

Ultimate List of Tech Blogs In Nepal

Here, we have gathered the best out of all tech blogs in Nepal, So, we should find time to get aware of some of the best Tech Blogs In Nepal.

Disclaimer: The logos mentioned in this blog post are used for representational propose only. Moreover, the list is entirely based on personal opinion and popularity.

1. GadgetByte Nepal

GadgetByte is Nepal’s leading news portal for the technology review, providing users with information, resources, and advice to assist them in making the most of technology. Established in late 2013 AD, GadgetByte Nepal is undoubtedly one of the first Tech Blogs in Nepali.

You can always expect authentic and well-researched information from GadgetByte Nepal. Moreover, they really stand out with 200k+ and active followers on other major social sites too.

2. Techinfo Nepal

Techinfo Nepal is surely one of the fast-growing Tech blog in Nepal. Techinfo Nepal was established in 2018 AD with an aim to make all the general people know about Technological advancement.

Techinfo Nepal is a source of information about new gadgets, games, and latest tech events too. Not limited to this, This tech blog is rapidly improving and known as one of the best tech blog in Nepal.

3. NepaliTelecom

NepaliTelecom is the popular telecom news portal in Nepal while they also cover gadgets and other digital news happening in the country

NepaliTelecom may sound pretty famous name for you. I guess that’s the reason it is so famous because people misunderstand it as “Nepal Telecom.”

NepaliTelecom ranks fifth on our Ultimate List of Tech Blogs In Nepal. With more than 70k active likes on Facebook, NepaliTelecom is all in one solution for your telecommunication and ISP related problems. Besides this, this tech blog also shares information about new smartphones launched in Nepal.

4. Techlekh

Here is Techlekh stand third on the Ultimate List of Tech Blogs In Nepal. Established in 2015 AD, Abhishek Gupta and Subigya Kumar Nepal are the men behind this exceptional Tech Blog in Nepal. Techlekh resembles the international name with our Nepali touch.

Techlekh deserves this positional because of its popularity among the youngster. It has always been one of the best sources for information on any technology-related topic.

5. ICT Frame

ICT Frame is another online magazine on our list with almost 85k Facebook likes. It has a pretty loyal fanbase with a decent amount of monthly visitors.

The best and unique feature about ICT Frame is it’s availability of news and blogs in both the major language i.e. Nepali and English. Since 2014 AD, ICT Frame has shown good dedication to aware the Nepali as well as international audience about the technology and tech world.

6. Tech Sathi

Tech Sathi is considered to be a youngest brother in Nepali Tech Blog Community. With over 30k Facebook likes, This blog has really made a tremendous progress before it’s first year aniversary.

As the name suggest, Tech Sathi aims to share authentic and trustable information as like a friend. Startsup stories in this blog will surely motivate you and is also unique feature on Tech Sathi. If I have to explain things in a single sentence, you must give try and follow Tech Sathi.

7. Gadgets in Nepal

Gadgets in Nepal is one of the oldest tech blog in Nepal with over 100k Facebook likes. This tech blog was established in 2010 AD with a simple aim to start a tech blog in Nepal.

This tech blog primarily focuses on smartphones and other gadgets. Moreover, Gadgets in Nepal provide information on other topics like Laptop/PC, How-to, and many more.

8. Gadget Frame

Gadget Frame is another on our list. This tech blog was initially launched as a platform for comparing gadgets online but soon it grew as one of the best Tech Blogs In Nepal.

If you ask me about the sector it covers, you would be surprised because it has been a all in one tech portal in Nepal. Gadget Frame provides you information on almost all topics with a option to choose between both Nepali and English language.

9. TechPatro

TechPatro was a startup founded in 2016 AD with the origin name “Online Hackers News” which turned out to be consfusing for many readers. So, here we have the same startup with a new name in 2018 AD.

TechPatro has identical aims like other tech blog but the thing that makes them unique is their approach. TechPatro primarily focuses on Apps reviews and new. However, TechPatro is also a popular nationwide portal covering all almost types of news related to technology.

10. Nepali Trends

Nepali Trends, the pioneer of the blog site that operates under the philosophy of keeping its readers informed. tells the trending story of Nepal and it offers fresh, compelling content that’s useful and informative for its readers. We strive to be very accurate by leaving no stone unturned as we dig into the heart of every story.

11. Prabidhi Info

Prabhidhi which means technology is the name of somehow the best tech portal in Nepal. This tech portal was established in 2018 AD.

Prabhidhi Info aims to provide lastes tech news and make technology accessible to all general public. Moreover, Prabidhi Info has the feature to change language for native Nepali reader that has strongly supported their will to make technology easier to understand.

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