Top Pakistani Online News Blog Websites

 Top Pakistani Online News Blog Websites

Since the world is shifting towards advancements, many fields have changed their medium as well. Online news is among that. World nowadays gets all the necessary information from online news websites. As life is progressing and people are doing more and more work, it is hard for them to sit at one place and watch news channels. In order to save a lot of time, people prefer watching news online while they are traveling. Pakistan is also following the same trend with multiple Pakistani Online News Blog websites  on the internet. These websites give ease to please so they can stay updated with current situations anytime. Instead of having one specific time to watch news, these blogs and websites help you stay informed at any hour of the day.

Dawn is a leading Pakistan online news website. Millions of people have their trust in it. Dawn is well known for providing authentic information and news along with critical reviews of many known people. The best thing about Dawn is that  it is not a biased website and presents the story  of all sides. Dawn’s website has many columns that have news of all varieties. From the best anchor in Pakistan to who’s more corrupt, Dawn covers all genres. Not only do they cover the news but latest reviews of famous anchors regarding certain situations. Dawn is one of the trusted websites for online news of Pakistan.

The Express Tribune is another nationally known online news website in Pakistan. This website is well recognized for their fast news spread. They keep their viewers updated with what’s happening inside the country along with international news. The website is a well designed platform that makes it easy for people to use. The front page has a column of all categories of different genres of news along with opinions of famous people. Moreover, it has all the latest headlines on their front page. The website is easy to approach and covers a great field of Pakistani news. The editors of the website are also qualified and make sure the provided information is authentic and neutral. 

Dunya news is yet another widely known online news website in Pakistan. This website is directly associated with the Dunya News channel and thus has a lot of news to give.  Not only it covers Pakistani news but international news is also available on this website. From what a Pakistani Prime Minister said in his press conference to what are thoughts of American President about current pandemic, everything can be found here. Many people in Pakistan have a great amount of trust in Dunya News. Nevertheless, they earned this trust over time by providing authentic news. Along with authenticity they provide timeless updates on their website. As soon as something happens, it is on the website thus people are always updated about current situations without the need of looking at television all the time. These websites not only have Pakistani  news available but different television shows and talk shows on it. Thus people don’t miss anything. 

AAJ news is yet another trusted website for online news in Pakistan. Associated with AAJ news channel, this website is a great medium for providing authentic news along with best remarks from famous people. The website is designed in a user friendly manner and people can easily choose whatever news they want to see  without need to go through all unwanted news. The unique thing about this website is that it gives an exact count of current corona cases in different provinces. They also have an option of switching to Urdu news so people who find English difficult can also get proper use of this website. 

These websites are not only famous for providing authentic news but also allowing people to share their views regarding the current situation. The write for us  section of these websites are mostly filled with people sharing their solutions for problems. It also allows them to give reviews about websites so whenever there is a need of updating or improving something, it can be done easily. Moreover, people feel more involved and important by being able to give their own reviews regarding any situation. However, these websites can play a vital role in staying updated about current situations without sticking to one place. 



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