You are opening up your office after a long weekend, but when you walk in the door, it’s water everywhere. What happened in your commercial building? Everything was perfectly fine when you locked your office, but it seems the rain has ruined everything badly.

However, before you deal with any water damage, it is necessary to know about the type of water damage in the first place. Generally, people considered water damage and flood damage the same and use these terms interchangeably. Factually, both of these terms are classified differently, and you need special preventions to control them. Water damage Restoration Toronto requires professional skills and updated equipment to fix the issue better. Similarly, you need to hire a flood damage Restoration Company in case of flood damage.

Before we proceed further, let us introduce the brief concept of water damage and flood damage.

Flood Damage

The unexpected surge of water in a dry area generally causes a flood. Such areas are considered more prone to flooding, including the coastal areas of any country. Flood, hurricanes, heavy rain, and storms are the key cause of flooding in any area.

Precisely, natural disasters are contemplated as the main cause of flood damage.

Water Damage

There isn’t any specific cause of water damage. It occurs due to leaking roofs, burst pipes, appliances issues, and plumbing, etc. However, before you call the insurance company, try to figure out the cause of water damage.

The present discussion also highlights some common causes of commercial water damage. Keep reading the entire discussion to get to know more about it.

  1. Roof Leakage

Unfortunately, most organizations don’t notice roof leakage unless it causes great damage to the building. The ultimate purpose of a roof is to prevent a building from extreme weather conditions. But an old roof increases the probability of leakage with time.

  1. Leaked Pipes

Usually, all the commercial buildings have multiple pipes and faucets that run all over the building. Leaking pipes or faucets can add up water if you fail to notice the issue for weeks.

Pipe leakage adds up water in the building and water bills as well. Moreover, ignoring the issue for a little longer causes structural damage and allows mold to grow in the building.

  1. Leaky HVAC System

A broken or leaky HVAC system is more than a trouble for a commercial organization. Sadly, it requires considerable time and effort to find out the real cause of damage in the building.

Mostly, the problem occurs in large organizations with the huge HVAC system. The system starts leaking suddenly and damages the entire building in no time.

  1. Broken Windows

Older commercial organizations are renowned for being drafty. A damaged or sealed window makes it easier for the rain to find its way inside the building. Resultantly, it causes structural damage and badly affects wooden furniture.

Broken windows in the rainy season allow water to come into the building. That’s why; employees and employers must notice such unusual changes and take preventive measures before it’s too late.

  1. Burst Pipes

In general, pipes bursts due to several reasons. But mostly, the problem occurs with old or frozen pipes. No surprise, old commercial buildings have old pipes too, and they can burst at any time without any obvious reason.

Winter is the main cause of frozen pipes, especially in Toronto. We understand that frozen pipes are a real headache in winter, but you can fix this problem by seeking professional help.

  1. Broken Appliances and Equipment

Mostly, this type of damage occurs in restaurants and cafes. Any minor or major issue with a restaurant’s appliance can cause commercial water damage and destroys the building as well.

Can you imagine the type of damage a full industrial size dishwasher causes when you overlook the issue for weeks?

Surely, it isn’t comforting to imagine something like this.  But, you can control such disasters by examining your appliances/ expensive equipment daily. Try to develop this habit as it helps you notice issues with your appliances before it’s too late.

  1. Natural Disasters

Natural disasters, including tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, and heavy rain, can cause commercial water damage at any time. Some other structural damages can also destroy your building, and you might need to consider additional restoration services.

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You can’t control natural disasters. But, you can take all the precautionary measures seriously to mitigate the adverse effect of such disasters on your valuable property or personal belongings.

Don’t Let the Water Ruin Your Commercial Building, Take an Action Now.

Based on the discussion mentioned above, it is apparent that water damage restoration is quite imperative for your commercial building. No denial; you can’t do it yourself, as fixing water damage issues requires exceptional expertise and the latest equipment.

That’s why; we suggest you hire the best water damage restoration company in Toronto and let them do their job professionally.

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