Office 365 Troubleshooting Training

Introduction of Office 365 troubleshooting training

Due to the current pandemic situation, an increasing number of corporates are working from home and fully utilising the services of Office 365 to execute their tasks remotely. So, to stay connected with the team and work collaboratively with other colleagues, it’s crucial for Office 365 apps to function well for the end-users. And even if troubles arises, the quicker it got recognised and fixed, the faster users can go back to a digital remote working experience. But troubleshooting Office 365 is not easy; IT admins must have undergone a thorough Office 365 troubleshooting training and be a pro at resolving the issue quickly.

So, here are a few tips for all IT admins out there for efficient Office 365 troubleshooting

Address the root reason for the issue

Office 365 issues can occur due to internal and external sources. But it’s usually the external source that gets more focus when a problem occurs. Certain apps offered in Microsoft’s Office 365 suite like the Office 365 service health page and Microsoft Support and Discovery Assistant help troubleshoot some basic external issues of infrastructure health and Office apps.

But to inspect the root cause, admins should recognise when an issue causes in the internal setting. For example, the problem can be related to the network, physical endpoint, or a virtual desktop. So, to find these internal problems, IT admins need to track the endpoint, which will offer them a better knowledge of what end-user experience the employees are receiving from Office 365 and take actions accordingly. But to deal with internal issues, you must opt for a professional Office 365 troubleshooting training course.

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Give priority to messaging and video conferencing applications

Currently, employees are more dependent on video and messaging conferencing to work together and remotely associate with colleagues. And as part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Office 365 suite, Microsoft Teams is the best app for the said purpose serving almost all companies.

Now, VPN performance, home Wi-Fi strength, and bandwidth are the main factors responsible for the proper functioning of Office 365, but bad performance has been often observed in these areas during video and audio calls. So, IT admins need to monitor these aspects and solve bottlenecks to render a better experience to the end-users facing poor call quality or dropped calls.

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Go beyond accessibility

One of the significant advantages of Office 365 from the perspective of an IT admin is that Microsoft manages the infrastructure part for you. Nevertheless, this offers a visibility challenge. Hence, it is essential to check if end-users can access the app or not.

It may sometimes happen that the Exchange Online service is healthy enough, but Outlook keeps crashing or slows down for end-users. So, with endpoint monitoring, this issue should be recognised and settled to avoid its recurrence. By continuous monitoring, IT admins can transform to the proactive phase from a reactive one. It helps in identifying the problems at an early stage and resolved soon before they turn into more extensive issues. However, one must undergo vigorous Microsoft 365 security administration training to fix security issues in Office 365 and let end-users derive the most out of this suite.

So, by following these effective tips, IT admins can quickly detect issues and troubleshoot them to maintain employees’ productivity. However, you must opt for professional training to learn the nooks and corners of Office 365 troubleshooting. Besides, you can also undergo Microsoft 365 security administration training to fortify the IT ecosystem of the company.

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