Top 3 Event Management Plugins to Watch Out in 2022-

If you want to highlight your upcoming event in detail, a simple calendar is not a proper solution. Instead, you may require a particular set of features such as ticketing, RSVPs, booking forms, guest management, payment options, email notifications, and more. Using WordPress event management plugins, you can cover many functions that depend on your business needs ranging from selling tickets or presenting the spokesperson to sharing in-depth information about the events and enabling different payment methods.

Before deciding which event management plugin to choose, you need to think about the long-term goals. If you want to organize a large number of events throughout the year, or do you only want to host one large event every three months? Does your audience need some further info such as images, videos, or maps? What would be the best way to sell tickets and receive payments?

The questions mentioned above will help you determine the WordPress event management plugin types that suits your website. Hence, you can check out the list of the five best event management plugins that’ll leave a remarkable impact on SMEs, Enterprises, and Businesses in 2022.

1)   Bookings for Gravity Forms

Bookings for Gravity Forms is a perfect combination for any business to manage their daily B2B & B2C functions specifically required for booking and managing meetings and appointments. Gravity Bookings is a premium WordPress plugin that makes it easier for your clients to book instant appointments and meetings with the help of the amazing features of this plugin.

Bookings for Gravity Forms is completely mobile-friendly and can be accessed easily anywhere, allowing the users to manage appointments via google calendar. The appointments can be booked online from any listed category of services along with their types. Whenever any customer visits their appointment, an email will get routed to them, and the logs will be registered in the admin panel.

Features of Bookings for Gravity Forms

Booking for Gravity forms provides some of the amazing features to facilitate the online booking process, and some of them are as follows:

  • Easy Installation and Customization
  • Multiple Payment Systems
  • Ultra Pro Booking Features
  • View Service Category
  • View Service Type
  • Customize Your Online Bookings
  • Calendar List View Integrations
  • Add Holidays & Off Days to Your Calendar
  • Email Alerts and Notifications
  • Extract Data Easily

2)   WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager offers a great experience for users to successfully create and manage events. This plugin is compatible with all browsers. It also comes with complete AJAX support for smooth browsing. You can easily create listings for your events and categorize them to search for filter events simply.

There are plenty of templates and features, making it a seamless plugin for effective event management. Furthermore, the front-end forms make it easy for guests and registered users to sign up for events equipped with RSS feed and link matches attended to new upcoming events. Significantly, developer-friendly code and debug mode will enable you to customize your posts to design your ideal event. In this case, you need to buy Pro add-ons to utilize all of its functionalities completely.

Features of WP Event Manager

Some of the features of WP Event Manager are as follows:

  • Provides front-end forms for guests and registered users to submit & manage event listings.
  • Custom event fields such as dress codes
  • Multilingual Translations that are internationally supported
  • Searches display the RSS links to alert attendees to new events that match their search criteria.
  • Searchable & filterable AJAX-powered event listings added to the pages via shortcodes.
  • Widgets for recent, upcoming, and featured events

3)   myCred Amelia

myCred Amelia is a myCred add-on that integrates myCred with Amelia appointment booking WordPress plugin. Using myCred amelia, the users can book appointments or events of their selective choice via myCred points.

Amelia is one of the most popular ‘appointment-booking or ‘event booking WordPress plugin that enables your customers to make appointments at any time. Amelia helps users to facilitate their customers with an enterprise-level user experience. This plugin is well-suited for law consultants, private clinics, gyms, and sports, beauty salons, repair centers, SPA, Salons, and other businesses that are reliant on bookings.

Features of myCred Amelia

myCred Amelia offers mesmerizing features, some of them are as follows:

  • myCred Points – Enables users to book appointments or events via myCred points
  • On-site (Payment Gateway) – Enables the admin to add myCred as an ‘on-site’ payment gateway from Amelia’s back-end payment settings.
  • Points Notifications – When a user doesn’t have enough points, the ‘Buy Points’ link will appear, and the ‘Confirm’ button will remain inactive.
  • Page Redirection – Users can easily be redirected to a page where they can easily buy myCred points.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, event management plugins are a vital resource for scheduling meetings, appointments. Finding the right venue and time for your event is a devastating task. The process of arranging meetings and inviting guests takes a lot of time. By considering the aforementioned plugins, you can easily focus more on making your event successful.

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