instagramn trends 2021

From a photo-sharing application to an image-building social media platform, Instagram has been through a lot and has come far away. Instagram keeps gaining popularity among all generations and turning lives upside down if invested time with talent.

This era is all about social media influencers and content creators. You got content that blows my mind? The audience will make it easier for you to gain popularity. The current age demand is highly dependent on a person’s image value which helps them capitalize it. People either create trends or follow them.

Let us find out about the Top 10 trends and facts that will be useful to user engagement:

1. Vertically Dimension Video

These days, Instagram focuses on marketing its vertical video “Reels” gaining popularity among the audience. The latest algorithm focuses on the reels as a fun way to promote both content and product. Anybody who is looking forward to getting along with Instagram Trends must try to go ahead with it.

2. Instagram Stories

Nowadays, Instagram also provides engagement to stories they have in their interface, and it brings the attention of people more easily than posts occasionally. Instagram also provides the URL column to verify people who are popular among their own audience and bring engagement. This one trend helps you get user engagement easily.

3. Running Poll

We have found that running a poll on the stories brings amazing engagement and is one of the essential digital marketing strategies. Even if the audience sometimes ignores the content present in the stories, a poll regarding something interesting eventually grabs their attention.

4. Instagram Stories

This one feature actually helps you capitalize the engagement in the most direct medium. Either you can use the face value of some influencer or create a brand that invites an enormous amount of collaboration and customers. It will definitely help you once you know what attracts the audience and you start the store for them.

5. Marketing by Influencers

As we explained before, the face value of influencer actually impacts brands and help to gain popularity. The entire Instagram media depend on followers and engagement. Either become an influencer or use influencers to increase your engagement.

6. Meme Game

Your meme game can also impact your user engagement better than anything available on the internet. The current generation and audience realize the meme to a level they sometimes use to convey their feelings. Gen Z is using Instagram for memes only but always to get reviews of products. Imagine if you choose to use memes, you will be attracting Gen Z, a generation that occupies 80% of all the social media platforms. You will be targeting the majority of people on Instagram.

7. Addition Of Features

It is extremely important to use all the features that are being provided by Instagram to you. Every feature separates you from other people and highlights you to different people targeted as an audience to your new highlight. Everything on Instagram is important, and we say it again every feature available and added to Instagram is important for increasing range and users.

8. Live Feature

The feature of going live gives you the ability to interact with your audience on a whole different level. A trend that actually helps you and can the perspective of many people. You can easily attract people. Once you decide to go live, you engage people on a level that indicates Instagram about your popularity, and it starts to boost you.

9. Questionnaire

Like we said before, every feature on Instagram holds value. Like polls, “Ask me a Question” plays the exact same role but engages the audience for much longer than the polls. You must understand that this feature gives an interactive quality to your account and makes sure your audience is answering one to one. The engagement you get from this feature is interactive and increases the user’s interest in your profile.

10. Promote Yourself on Instagram Ad

Last but not least, one for sure feature to increase user engagement is allowing and paying Instagram to promote you based on the categories you choose. Be it an influencer, brand or product, anything can be promoted with the help of Instagram Ads.


Instagram will continue to develop, and these patterns will influence Instagram marketing in the future. Staying up to speed on current trends is essential to stay competitive and make your content stand out on Instagram. These are 10 of the most important Instagram marketing trends for 2021 that you should take advantage of if you want to be the best at Instagram marketing.


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