Trail Camera

No matter how many high megapixel Game cameras you own, it’s ineffectual if you don’t know how to get the most out of it. Well. There is no such secret for getting the best results. You have to go through many trials to get the best position to set up your trail camera. You can even apply your previous techniques from which you got successful results. The better the image or video is, the better you get the information as your inventory, and you get a chance to take home some amazing pictures and videos.

Here in this article, I am trying to help you to get the best results out of your trail camera from my experience. 

You can follow tips and tricks to get better results from your trail camera:

  1. Buy good quality of product and its accessories
  2. Find an absolute location
  3. Keep your scent off 
  4. Put your trail camera high
  5. Put high-quality SD cards
  6. Keep proper organization 
  • Buy good quality of product and its accessories

This is an era of competition, thus you will find a number of companies selling their products by different means of marketing strategies. Many companies sell their products by promoting discounted rates but in actual scenarios, their products are not putting up to the mentioned results. You have to choose your budget and requirements first before and then put your hands on any camera. 

Not only the camera but the accessories are equally important. High-quality SD cards, bear box to save your asset from thieves, SD card reader. Not necessary to buy the high megapixel camera as there is the inherent native resolution that enhances the result in every camera which is generally kept hidden by every company as part of their marketing strategies.

  • Find an absolute location

Finding a location that can take a piece of your time. You have to go through so many trials to get the perfect location. But generally, it is preferred that you should put your camera in north facing. You can find deer activity at the time of dawn and dusk. Also, the sun is low at that time and provides sharp light to your camera lens while capturing the deer. Choosing a location where animals can come for food and water or for pathways so that you can get some promising results. 

  • Keep your scent off

Before going to the field wear gloves and boots and try to put any kind of smell away from your camera. Clean your camera to protect it from getting caught by the animals.

  • Put your trail camera high

It is suggested that you should hang your trail camera between 5 to 7 feet high. But before hanging them you must go through the user manual and read what it suggests. Don’t hang too high or too low that it can become visible to the theft or animals. Putting your camera at a very high point may not give proper images because of the branches and leaves while putting it at low can also not provide the best shots, you would get only the face of the leg or tail. Thus hanging your camera is a matter of task to perform.

  • Put high-quality SD cards

You need a classic Class 10 SD card but you also have to choose the gig card carefully. You can own a 32 GB SD card which will perform up to 512 GB. go through the user manual of your SD card to know about its maximum capacity to store.

 Not only that but also keep your SD card reader ready to watch the results. And if you are using an SD card which you used previously that goes through its proper audit that if they are formatted or not, if they aren’t locked so that no new files would be stored. By locking the SD card the camera will take pictures and video but would be not stored anywhere. Thus check your SD card accordingly.

  • Keep proper organization

If you planning to put a set of cameras then you have to properly identify them. You can even label them by putting their names so you would not be frustrated to manage the images later. By that, unnecessary words can be ignored as you can classify which images or videos are useful and which ones are useless and that would be immediately sent to trash. Keep a separate folder according to their categories which can make your work easy.

After practicing all the tips mentioned below leave your camera and let it perform its work and wait for the results. If you still won’t get results as desired you can even with the customer care as there may be some problem with your trail camera. 

Working with a trail camera will need lots of patience and hard work. You have to go through trials to get that one perfect shot that you are searching but I hope following these tips and tricks, you will be able to enjoy some surprising results and will also enhance your hunting video cameras experience.

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