While hiring IT experts, the certifications available to the candidates is one of the many factors considered by the employers. In this regard, one of the qualifications that continue to be in demand in the market is VMware certifications. Companies across the nation and beyond acknowledge the knowledge and skill set of the employees who have this certification.  

After all, it is considered a mark of expertise in dealing with tasks from a practical approach. Also, VMware is the foremost provider of virtualization solutions. So, if you are preparing to take the tests as well, here are a few tips to help you. 

Focus on that blueprint you have 

The blueprint is the key to it all. Therefore, if you do not spend enough time reviewing it during your VMware certification, you might end up failing the exam. If nothing else, it is the first and the most important reading material for you to read. Here you will find a thorough discussion of the topics you need to focus on.  

Also, simply glancing over this blueprint isn’t enough. It’s not right for you not to take advantage of the information detailed in the overview section of the exam.  

You will find the blueprint to download from the official site of VMware. Make sure to study and review the document regularly. After you are done studying the blueprint, let’s move on to the next step. 

Rate your proficiency level in every area 

For each part of the assessment’s objectives, you have to offer a remark on how proficient you’re at present. Doing so will help you in the effective improvement of your skills and knowledge of VMware VCP.  

It is important to use spreadsheets or something where you’ll be able to list out each topic and rate yourself unbiasedly. You need to figure out the parts that require greater practice with the ones over which you already have mastery. It is a step that lets you allocate adequate time for each area. In short, learning what you know and what you don’t is an important part of the preparation. 

Create a lab environment for yourself 

When it comes to the performance-based parts of the VMware NSX certification exam, simply having bookish knowledge isn’t enough. You might have memorized it all, but if you want to navigate around vSphere infrastructure with absolute smoothness, you will need both experiential and theoretical knowledge. 

Creating your lab gives you a clear idea of how the examination will go on the said date. Not setting your lab is one of the surest ways to sabotage your chances in an exam. 

Get help from the VMware certified professional community 

You can get a lot of important information from spending some time with the community. As you gain access to books, blogs, articles, and more, you learn more and gain more insights about the course. The importance of study groups can never be underestimated. After all, you are not only helping yourself but also other people who are in the same boat. 

In the community, you can seek help and offer valuable advice about the certification the members of the community aim to pursue. Also, you have a lot to learn from the members and get to know several tips and tricks. In the same way, if you are unable to access the forums personally, you can check the online discussions and study groups. 

Give the exam when you’re ready 

It is never a good idea to come to the VMware foundation exam without any preparation. However, it is also true that you should not wait until you have perfect knowledge of the material because it’s actually a shot in the dark to get the perfect scores in the examination. 

There is a small section of candidates who have taken the exam minus all the practice and have still managed to get the certification. A half-baked preparation will only get you half-baked results, and definitely not the certification you’re aiming for. 

Parting note 

Following the tips mentioned above will smoothen your path to become a VMware certified associate. However, keep in mind that tips can only do so much if there are no additional efforts from your side. So, focus on your studies and start preparing from today.

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