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They say Cupid is one smart guy, he shoots to make the best pair, but who needs a cupid anymore with the online dating business growing success in recent times. Undeniably, dating apps are entirely different today.

 In this new era of social distancing, even dating has become convenient from home with in-app video chats, Instant messaging, and FaceTime calls. Chatting with one another for entertainment or companionship has become much more common during this Covid 19 crisis.

This is mainly because when you plan to meet someone in person, you aren’t left with the option of where to go in this time of crisis. And, this is when technology came in handy and many entrepreneurs like you made their smartest move by creating an online dating platform. Since then till now this online dating business continues to multiply at a rapid pace.

The Success Statistics Of Online Dating

This new normal of social distancing has broken the taboo that romantic relationships that began online won’t last. Nowadays, there are numerous success stories on online dating that proves to people the authenticity of relying on the most popular apps in the online dating business. Don’t believe me? Then, go through the statistics below.

  • 71% of users who use dating apps say that it’s easy to find people they were attracted to and start their life long relationship 
  • 1 in 6 marriages that happen today begins online.
  • Couples who got hooked on popular online platforms like, Bumble, Okcupid, etc, have a divorce rate of not more than 3.86%.
  • 39% of online dating users have gone on a blind date with someone they met through a dating app like Happn or okcupid and turned out as partners for life.
  • 57% of online dating users claim that their personal experiences using dating apps have been positive.

Features to look for while opting for your online dating solution

Now, you have reached the end of this blog. And, I hope you are completely clear of what an online dating business is, and why you should make use of this golden time to plunge into the online dating business stream. Yet, one more key criteria you must always be aware of is knowing the must-have feature of a clone solution. Let me explain to you a few main features.

Look for a Web platform

The above-stated facts on the growing trends of the dating app are enough to convince you of the need of opting for a clone solution of a popular app. Thus, when you look for a clone solution, you have to keep in mind to choose the one that has both a secured web version and an admirable and notable mobile app. This way, by choosing an eminent Tinder clone solution like bumble, okcupid, or happnwith astounding features incorporated into its Web and mobile version, you can emerge out to be successful among your competitors.

Managing Profile Effectively

To attract more users to the online dating platform, you need to provide an easily manageable profile. The online dating solution you choose must allow its users to manage their profiles easily. This is a must because, the users must be able to edit their profile details, change the status of their profile without any difficulties and so this way you can make your online platform the most preferred one among your users.

Best-in-class Search Filter

Wonder why a search filter is a must-have feature of an online dating platform? You must have a search filter that allows users to search their matches based on their preferences. This will help you to enhance the search experience of the users in finding their perfect matches.
Thereby, this turns out to be a necessary feature to be incorporated into any absolute clone solution you are looking for.

Exuberant instant chat

An instant messaging/chat feature is no longer an unattractive feature, it has become necessary.  So, you have to choose a clone solution that has the feature of quick chats. This way you can help your users to communicate with their matches effectively. Therefore, look for a unique clone solution like okcupid clone or bumble clone to edge out competitors in the online dating business.

 Forever bondings

As stated earlier, people have started searching dating apps for finding long-term relationships. Therefore, you need to provide your users an inexhaustible range of matches for their profiles. So, the clone solution you are choosing must include the option of matching the profile of your user with the right one among the plethora of matches available.

Wrapping Up


So, you have been sticking with me till the end of this blog as I asked for. Though I’ve provided you with enough facts on setting up your online dating business, there is one important hint I wish to let you know. Let me reveal the exact place for you to find your perfect business match. 

Appkodes is the one-stop for all ambitious entrepreneurs like you. They have a wide range of meticulously designed clone solutions for many online business models. Thus, undeniably, it is the perfect company for you to partner with.  Come on! It’s time to materialize your desire of building an outstanding dating platform with an eminent Tinder clone solution, Appkodes Howzu. So be quick to get in touch with the Appkodes team to earn your niche amongst your contemporaries.

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