Probably many had never heard of him before. But this time around, his entry into Forbes’ list of the world’s billionaires brought a wave.

Whitney Wolf Herd, founder of the dating app Bumble, has been named one of the world’s dollar billionaires.

There is a lot of news in the international media about the American model Kim Kardashian who is on the list of billionaires. But even though there hasn’t been much news about Bumblebee founder Heard, he is no less a role model than Kardashian. Because 31-year-old Heard is the world’s youngest and most powerful billionaire.

Herd rose to the list of billionaires in February after turning Bumblebee into a public company. Heard was the mother of an 18-month-old son when Bumble took the stock market.

In her speech, she said she wanted to make the Internet a more beloved and responsive place.

In an interview with the BBC in 2017, she said that the secret to becoming an effective chief executive was not to take herself too seriously.

He also argues that there is a need to balance work and personal life, make time for family and take time off in the afternoon.

The story of his ascent to the billionaire club is interesting.

Before founding the dating app Bumble, she was a member of the founding team of another app, Tinder. But as soon as there was a quarrel with other executives, he left Tinder. Interestingly, she was in a love affair with one of the executives whose relationship broke down. Shortly thereafter, she even filed a complaint alleging sexual harassment.

Match Group, Tinder’s parent company, denied the allegations of sexual harassment but paid १० 1 million to settle the case.
After the incident, she faced a lot of online violence and even shut down her Twitter account.

In order to address the pain she suffered, she finally started a dating app that is controlled by women. Bumblebee is actually a dating app in which only women can start a conversation while chatting with their potential partner.

This thinking may seem normal. But the importance of this feature is known for women who face unnecessary messages from men in the dating app.

She founded Bumble with the help of Russian billionaire Andrei Adriv. Andre, who has also invested in another company, Badu, sold his shares in both Bumble and Badu in November 2019.

Founder Wolfe Heard has an 11.6 percent stake in Bumble. The value of which is 1.3 billion dollars. He is also the head of Badu App. Both apps have 40 million users, of which 2.4 million are paid users.

Heard is also a woman who speaks openly about the violence against her. She revealed in an interview that she was raped as a teenager.

Bumble has a strict policy on bodybuilding, hate speech and violent expressions. For the last time, Bumble has launched a campaign against Buddy Seming for making negative comments about Jiudal. Under which insulting things about the form and shape of the body are prohibited.

Heard is one of 328 women included in Forbes’ latest annual list of the world’s billionaires. Last year, there were only 241 women on the list of billionaires.

The world’s richest woman is American billionaire Alice Walton, who owns Walmart, and French billionaire Francois Bittencourt Myers is the second richest woman in the world. She is the granddaughter of the founder of the cosmetic company L’Oreal.

Mackenzie Scott is the third richest woman in the world. She is the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Source: BBC

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