Vastu for study table

It comes as no surprise that the Vastu consultant in Kolkata, highly regards the importance of Vastu for study table.

With right vastu for study table, the students can performs significantly well, after all. 

Today, we will list out the useful vastu guideline to ensure auspicious vastu for study table, as suggested by expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata. 

Let us explore these guidelines, one by one.  

There are 2 major aspects that come under vastu for study table. They are as follows-

  1. Ideal directional zone for the placement of the study table; it means in which direction the study table must be placed.
  2. Directional orientation while studying; it means towards which direction the student should face when they study. 

Apart from these; the color, shape and material etc can also influence the Vastu for study table as well. 

Together, they create the best possible surrounding in which a student can study and perform best, as per their capability.

Placing the study table in the right zone is the most crucial factor that determines the good Vastu for study table. 

As per Vastu consultant in Kolkata, the best zone for this placement is the West of South West (WSW). 

If it is unavailable, you can consider the North East zone of the house as second option. The third best option suggested by Vastu consultant in Kolkata is the South West (SW) zone of the house. 

These 3 options are ideal and fruitful for any student in general. 

However, depending upon the level and discipline of education; you can have an auspicious Vastu for study table in other zones as well.

Let us check them out-

  • East zone placement of study table is suitable for student pursuing political science studies. 
  • South of South East (SSE) zone is very fruitful for those students who excel in sports, yoga, and physical education subjects. 
  • South East (SE) zone is very fruitful for students interested in making career in law and police work.
  • West of South West (WSW) zone is highly recommended for students pursuing students. 
  • West zone is ideal for students who are engaged in accountancy related subjects. 
  • North West (NW) zone can be considered for those who are involved in home science and retail investment related disciplines. 
  • North zone is ideal for students preparing for any competitive exams.  

What Zones to avoid while placing the study table

To ensure good, vastu for study table; Vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends some zones that needs to be avoided.

These zones are primarily that of the bathroom and some others which can cause adverse affect of their education. 

We list out these directions as-

  • West of North West (WNW), 
  • South of South West (SSW), 
  • East of South East (ESE),
  • East of North East (ENE), 
  • North of North West (NNW),
  • South Zone 

These placements can hamper the results of academics for a student, no matter how well they are taught.

Vastu consultant in Kolkata says, it can lead towards trouble on focusing on studies, forming poor memories-related to studies and so on.

Vastu guidance on facing direction while studying

After the zone for placing the study table is finalized, you need to determine towards which direction you need to face while studying.

This too, requires some consideration in terms of the level of education of the student and also the educational discipline that they are pursuing. 

Vastu consultant in Kolkata offers the following recommendations in general-

  • Facing towards the West Zone is considered as most fruitful for students pursuing Science disciplines.
  • South zone facing is highly helpful for those students who are engaged in law studies.
  • The North zone facing is considered ideal for students looking ahead in making career in Politics or administration related disciplines.
  • Facing towards the East zone is beneficial for those students who are involved in studies related to Arts and religious.

These above mentioned facts are given by Vastu consultant in Kolkata in general sense. 

Based on further details, the facing of the student can be altered to yield most fruitful result. 

For instance, for a research scholar, the ideal facing is towards the East of south east zone (ESE), but for an MBA student or aspiring IAS applicant, the most suitable facing is towards North East (NE).

To determine which zone is best for your children, you should seek one-to-one consultation with a vastu expert. 

To know which exact zone is most fruitful for your child, you need to get complete analysis of Vastu for study table from an expert vastu consultant.

In order to make the vastu for study table more auspicious, the Vastu consultant in Kolkata also offer guidelines for its material, size and shape etc. 

Lets check them out-

  1. Having a wooden study table is considered the best as it helps to channel positive vibration in the space.
  2. It is also advised to pick one in the shape of either square or rectangle. It is best to avoid a study table that is round or in any abstract shape. 
  3. Also make sure that study table is not placed right against the wall. Always keep a little gap between them. 

This enables free flow of air and helps to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the students.

  1. Try not to keep any mirror or TV or computer in the student’s room, as it cause too much distraction from the studies. 
  2. Make sure that the student doesn’t face the blank wall while studying. Paste any motivational quotes and posters accordingly. 
  3. You should always utilize the daylight during the day. As it is enriched with the energy of sun, it enhances the Vastu for study table.

To know more about Vastu for study table, get in touch with expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata, Mr. Pinaki Pal, only at Vaastu Mangaal.

Description- Let us explore the vastu guideline related to vastu for study table, as suggested by expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata.

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